this site. It’s freaky, but cool (and I’m probably the last person in the world to “discover” it).

Evil Poo…. and her evil henchman, Evil Tubs.
It’s fucking FREEZING in this house, because it’s something like 35 degrees out. Fred turned the gas to the fireplace off, so I can’t fire that up and get warm, so I think I’m going to go crank up the heat and warm up a little before I have to venture out into the cold to get to the mall. The mall on a Friday morning before Thanksgiving. I am SO looking forward to this. Please, god. Don’t let there be any annoying people wandering slowly around the mall, getting in my way and making me want to beat them to death. Okay, y’all, I need your help. I’m back from the mall, and though I didn’t mention it beforehand, the reason I needed to go shopping is because a producer and crew are going to be here Sunday morning. I can’t tell the details just yet, but they’re going to follow us around for part of the day, filming us doing things like making breakfast and eating, and maybe exercising, and I don’t know what-all else. I’m going to wear black pants, but I need y’all to vote on which top I’m going to wear, so go here and do that, if you would. (And no, it’s not Oprah) (And also, please don’t talk about it in the forums, ’cause we can’t answer any questions. Thank you!)]]>