This picture 2. This picture 3. This picture 4. This picture 5. This picture 6. This picture 7. This picture 8. This picture 9. This entry, this entry, this entry, this entry, this entry, and this entry. 10. Several copies of US, the best damn magazine in the world, and one copy of Playboy magazine, with all the nudie pics torn out, because some of the best interviews I’ve read have been in that magazine (did you know I subscribe to Playboy? Yes, indeedy, I do).. 11. Hallmarks of Felinity. 10 things this past year has taught you 1. You cannot actually roll your eyes so hard that they pop out and roll across the floor, but you CAN roll them so hard that it makes you dizzy and makes your eyeballs ache. 2. Cats can be mightydamn expensive when they have to go to the vet all the time. 3. I really, really like my life most of the time. 4. I’m a better writer than I think I am. 5. But I ain’t no Stephen King. 6. I really, really, really wish that Debbie and Brian lived a lot closer than they do. 7. That if you’re not vigilant, old patterns and ways can come back with a vengeance. 8. That my feelings can be hurt more easily than I’d like. 9. That I can’t wait to turn 35 on January 9, because I have a feeling that it’s going to be the year when I really come into my own. 10. That fewer people are offended by bad language than you’d think. 9 things you could have done without [this past year] 1. The bullshit. 2. The petty crap. 3. The whiny bitchy losers who whine about me behind my back and then backpedal like big fucking wimps when they’re confronted about it. 4. The junky food. 5. The self-doubt. 6. That fucking Mulvaneys book (strictly speaking, I didn’t read it this past year, but the horror still lingers). 7. Getting my first real cold in three years the fucking DAY before my parents, sister, and nephew got here. 8. Having to blow my nose every five minutes for the entire time they were here. 9. [deleted] 8 of the best books you’ve read and/or movies you’ve seen [this past year] 1. Most of the Red Dress Ink books. 2. Good in Bed. 3. In Her Shoes. 4. Life as a House. 5. Two Week Notice (I laughed my ass off) 6. Unfaithful 7. In a Sunburned Country 8. Frailty 7 little things you’ve done to make the world a better place [charity work, donating time/money, making a point to smile at people, etc] 1. I feed the kitties and scoop poop at the pet store twice a week. 2. I helped Fred raise more than $300 for the animal shelter. 3. The Giveaway page. I think that winning something off that page has brightened the day of a person or two. 4. I do make a point to smile at people and ask how they’re doing. 5. I contribute money to the local no-kill shelter every month. 6. I contribute money to the spud’s school’s PTA instead of letting her sell crap to people who don’t want to buy crap, and that is an act of kindness in itself, I think. 7. Random acts of kindness as they occur to me. 6 things you’d like the New Year to bring [resolutions or whatever] 1. The inclination to get my ass caught up on my email. 2. The inclination to update in my diet journal at least twice a week (Uh, these aren’t resolutions, by the way. Just something I’d like to happen). 3. Serious weight loss. 4. Sunny, warm weather every single day (a girl can dream, no?) 5. The motivation to keep the house spotlessly clean (ha!). 6. Peace and joy and happiness to everyone all over the world. And all that crap. 5 gifts you’d like to give and to whom [tangible/non-tangible/if money were no object] 1. A million bucks to each of my friends, online and off. 2. The intelligence to have their pets spayed and neutered to every pet owner out there. 3. A loving home for every cat, dog, and animal in existence. 4. The love of reading, for the spud, who does not love to read the way Fred and I do. 5. The perfect man, a gorgeous house, and a great car for my sister. 4 non-tangible gifts you’d like get 1. The motivation to sit my ass down and write the stories that come into my mind. 2. Self-love. 3. Patience. 4. The cessation of yearning to be in Maine. 3 tangible gifts you’d like to receive 1. A yellow VW Beetle. 2. A house in the country with a big barn with plenty of room for lots of kitties. 3. A summer home in Maine. 2 favorite holiday memories [from any time] 1. I don’t remember what year it was – 1998 or 1999? – but the spud went to Rhode Island for Christmas to spend it with her father. We had a wicked ice storm, which knocked out our power so that we couldn’t cook. We drove into Huntsville, checked into a hotel room, and then had Indian food for dinner. We watched a movie in the hotel room, and when the power at home came back on, we went home (it was about 10 pm). It was just a great, relaxing day. 2. When I was 7 and we lived in Guam. We opened our presents, had breakfast, and then went to the beach for the day! 1 thing that surprised you the most [about this past year] That I still haven’t gotten tired of the whole journalling thing.]]>