How to celebrate Robyn’s birthday (which is tomorrow, so get crackin’)
(This idea totally stolen from Mopie) 1. Rename your journal “Bitchypoo” (just for the day). 2. Call your child – or husband, if you don’t have a child – “Spud” all day long. Or call your favorite pet (doesn’t have to be a cat) Miz Poo for the day. Follow your pet around and croon “Mizzzz Poooooo” until it gets annoyed and runs away with it’s ears laid back. 3. During a semi-important meeting or phone call say “I don’t know. What does Robyn think of that?” 4. Wear something yellow (that being my favorite color). 5. When your husband/ significant other/ cat farts for the 53rd time in 10 minutes, narrow your eyes at him/ her/ it and say “You’repissin’meoff.” 6. Change your computer wallpaper to a picture of me. 7. Call your significant other “Ya fuckin’ idiot” out of the blue, for no particular reason. 8. Postpone cleaning the house for another week. 9. Eat a whoopie pie. 10. Take a bath using bath melts, bath fizzies, or bubble bath, and spend the rest of the day making people smell you. 11. Perform a random act of kindness. And don’t forget to email me and tell me what you did!
* * *
So last night, I spent a huge amount of time trying to figure out how to get the picture navigation pages to look like I want them to look. I looked to see if there was a template I could change, I looked in the Dreamweaver help, I looked in the Macromedia Fireworks help, I did a random search, and I was about to tear my hair out when I got an idea. I went to download.com and searched on “Web Album”, looked at and discarded a few options, and then found the perfect software for me – Web Album Generator. Not only will it generate a web album (duh), but you have complete control on how your web album looks, you can choose background colors, you can choose the size of the thumbnails, and most importantly – at least to me – you can control how the navigation pages look. And it’s free. Too damn cool, that. So I present to you, the first album I made using it. Go check out all the pictures of Fancypants. I’m going to remake Tubby’s web album as well, and move it over to robynanderson.com as well, I think. And of course I’ll keep you informed. Here’s me keeping you informed. I took a break and created the Tubby Pics page and put it up here. All the links from the other day have been changed to the new link. Even if you checked out the pics page the other day, if you’re a Tubby fan, you’ll want to check this one out. Every Tubby pic I have is up there, including ones that haven’t been seen in the journal. For some reason the thumbnails look bad, but the full-sized pics are fine.
* * *
So I had occasion to go to the post office again today – I had to mail out a piece of hardware we were returning – and while there, I checked the box. Imagine my surprise to find not only a couple of birthday cards, but also a couple of padded envelopes. Did I take pictures? You bet your bippy!
From reader Lisa, I got a bag o’ cool birthday stuff that included a “Stress Relief Mini-Spa Kit” (a teabag to make a cup of tea, a bag of bath crystals, and a small candle), which is such a good idea that I may have to steal it in the future! Also, I got a smiley-face notebook, and a CANDY NECKLACE. I don’t expect that candy necklace to last for much longer, believe me. And also, there was a card geared specifically toward ME:
Hee! Perfect for me, or what? And from reader Aly in Georgia, I received this cool bandana, as well as an account of the 3-Day she walked in Atlanta last Fall.
Have I ever mentioned that my readers rock? No? Well, they do!
* * *
I watched Joe Millionaire last night (I taped it Monday night so we could watch Everybody Loves Raymond), and I have to say that I don’t find Evan Marriott appealing at ALL, regardless of the fussing and drooling y’all are doing. He does have a great slack-jawed look of befuddlement, though. I’m looking forward to seeing Heidi do some hard physical labor, I’ll tell you that. Please leave the chateau.]]>