* * * This entry’s going up later than usual today, due to the busy, action-packed day I’ve had. Between the getting up at 7 to help Fred with the pet store cats, to the going back to bed for two hours, to the sex, to the doctor appointment (which has nothing to do with the sex, just so you know), to the sitting on my ass in front of the fire… well, that’s a busy day, yes indeedy. The doctor appointment was because I’ve been experiencing some foot pain for, well, months and months now. I did some research online and decided it was probably plantar fasciitis, so thought I’d try a few things before going to see the doctor – I tried inserts, and all they did was add arch pain to the mix. I tried putting ice on the foot and taking aspirin, and while that helped decrease the pain, it still hurt when I walked on it. My last attempt at healing (heeling! Ha!) myself was to buy some heel cups and try those for several days. The last straw was when I started walking Saturday morning, and the pain radiated up the back of my leg. That was a big enough clue that I needed to call the damn doctor, because this foot pain crap is interfering with my preferred form of exercise, and let me tell you, folks: an hour on the stationary bike is a definite form of ass torture. My ass is still killing me a day and a half later, damnit. But, hey – at least I went 16.3 stationary miles! That’s got to count for something, right? Even though I had to stop every 15 minutes to let my ass de-pain? Anyway, I was right – plantar fasciitis it is, and Dr. Ashley gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and told me to keep on keepin’ on with the heel cup, the ice, and gave me a pamphlet with exercises I need to do each day, twice a day. Oh, and I can’t go back to walking for exercise until this is taken care of. Wah! Gel seat cover, here I come.

* * *
Okay, that’s it for today, folks. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what we did for Valentine’s Day (woohoo!), and talk about last week’s episode of Survivor. Can I tell you that I’m mighty excited to see the end of Joe Millionaire tonight? Why, yes, I AM a dork, thanks for asking!]]>