* * * I love that Trista picked who she picked last night on The Bachelorette, and that’s all I’ll say about that. Except that I think the runner-up should be a Bachelor in a future installment of The Bachelor.

* * *
Okay, y’all can stop harassing me. I made my lab appointment for next Tuesday to have my thyroid levels checked, okay? And I’ll let y’all know what’s going on as I know.
* * *
Yesterday Fred stopped by the petstore and bought something for the cats.
We’d actually talked about getting something bigger,
but cat furniture is so incredibly expensive, and god knows that one of the porky cats would get up on the top shelf and topple the thing over, that we thought we’d start with something small and see what they did. They freaked out. Well, Miz Poo didn’t. She was the first to approach the thing once we set it in the living room, and once Fred coaxed her inside, she seemed to enjoy hanging out in it. Encouraged by his success, Fred picked up Tubby and carried him toward it. Tubby, who does not enjoy being carried around, flailed around, and when Fred put him on the top of the bed, he responded by flailing some more, then falling off onto the floor. Miz Poo came out to see what was going on, and hissed and swatted at poor Tubby, who ran off, because he’s a smart boy, and knows better than to tangle with the Poo. Later, Fred tried it with Spanky, and Spanky lost his mind, flailing and trying to get the hell away from Fred. When Fred put him on top of the bed, he immediately bounced off and high-tailed it upstairs, where he probably hid under the bed and tried to still his pounding heart. I was in front of the computer when he tried it with Fancypants, so all I heard was the sound of Fancypants skittering across the floor and flying out the cat door. He stayed outside for the rest of the evening, hanging out on the patio, until Fred went out and brought him in when it was time to shut the cat door. I suspect that the cats think they’re about to be tossed into a carrier box and carted to The Scary Place, but I don’t know for sure. We took it upstairs with us, and put it in a corner of the bedroom, and Miz Poo slept in it for a good part of the night. None of the other cats have been anywhere near it, though maybe they’ll calm down a little once it’s been around for a little while. Our cats are such freaks.]]>