* * * So, I’ve been thinking lately about making some changes. Not anything big, just journal-related stuff. I’ve decided to buy another named-related url (Robyn-related, not Bitchypoo-related, that is), and I can’t decide whether I want to keep the same journal name, or change it. I’d kind of like to change it, because 3 1/2 years is a long time with the same journal name, but I’m stumped. I can’t seem to come up with another journal name that’s as much “me” as Bitchypoo. That’s where you come in. Suggest a new journal name! I reserve the right to not like anything and decide to stick with Bitchypoo, though. Yeah, Bitchypoo will be moving. It’ll be a while – I haven’t even bought the url I want to, yet – but I thought I’d mention it so that y’all wouldn’t be taken by surprise. Also, due to popular request, I’ve started rating the books I read – you can see the new rating system on the 2003 reading page. Thanks to Fred, who gave me the idea! Over the weekend, Fred took the spud and went to a nearby flea market. When he came home, he had something that your ordinary person would consider a clothes hamper. But he’s not an ordinary person, so he looked at it and immediately thought…

“The cats would love that!” (The hamper didn’t come with that pillow – we added it so the little dears would be comfortable) It was only $3, so he bought it. When he put it down on the living room floor, Miz Poo immediately set up camp. He brought it upstairs last night and put the pillow in it, and Spot claimed it. This morning, it was empty for quite a while, until someone else found it.
I think they like it so much because they feel enclosed, but they can see everything that’s going on around them through the mesh “walls”.
We now have five places in the master bedroom specifically for the cats to lay and/ or sleep on – the hamper (above), the sweater dryer under the TV, the pillow atop the cedar chest under the window, the amazon box we cut a hole in, and the kitty condo, which is another place Tubby likes to snooze.
* * *
And last, but certainly not least, speaking of kitties, today being Monday, Fred and I made our usual trip to the pet store. There were only two cats in the entire cat room – Midgie, and a new one, Bella. Bella’s just as friendly as she can be, and let us hold her for quite a while. She’s a serious shedder, though, and when I handed her back to Fred, I felt like I was wearing a beard made of cat fur. I love her little pink nose, and shedding aside, she has really soft fur. Such a cutie!