* * * Well, damn. Randy of RandyCam fame has passed away. I loved visiting that site from time to time, and Randy will definitely be missed. (Thanks to reader Amanda for letting me know about Randy!)

* * *
I had to get up somewhat early this morning (though it wasn’t hard – I woke up around 6:30 after a disturbing dream in which Fred was Mr. Big from Sex and the City. I don’t remember what disturbed me, only that I felt that way when I woke up). Miz Poo – she of the goopy eye and puffy lip – had a vet appointment at 8:00, and I had an appointment for a cut-and-color at 9:30. I was so sure that I’d be in and out of the vet’s office in twenty minutes, tops, so I planned to run to the grocery store before my hair appointment. Except that best laid plans and all that jazz. I wasn’t out of the vet’s office in 20 minutes or 30 or even 40. 45 minutes after stepping through the door, pitifully mewing kitty in hand (or carrier box), I finally left, pitifully mewing kitty in one hand and a small bag of medication in the other. The goopy eye may or may not be caused by an abcessed eyetooth. We’re treating it with antibiotics and an ointment and will see how that goes. If it doesn’t improve, she’ll need to have the offending eyetooth removed, and I can only imagine how funny she’ll look. Though she doesn’t go around showing her teeth all that often, so maybe it won’t make much of a difference after all. (And after a quick online search, it appears that an eyetooth is the same thing as a canine, and lord help me, she’s going to be the most redneck-looking kitty in the world between the puffy lip and the missing canine.) I left the vet’s office $127 poorer and came home to change shirts, because the one I’d been wearing was absolutely matted with Poo hair. All the cats are shedding a lot lately due to the weather, and I’m sure the stress of going to the vet’s made her shed even more. Made it to my hair appointment on time (!), and an hour and a half later left, colored and coiffed to within an inch of my life. It occurs to me yet again that if I took the time every morning to blow my hair out straight, I wouldn’t run around looking so ratty. And it also occurs to me that satan’ll be prancing about in a Gore-Tex Parka (in Thyme) before the time comes that I want to mess with my hair every morning. Ran to the post office and found a package sitting and waiting patiently for me. It was from the lovely and talented Athena, and when I opened it up, what do you suppose I found?
A smiley-face pad o’ paper, and some smiley-face notecards! For me! Damn but I love the smiley stuff (and yes, I know y’all know that, but it always bears repeating!). Speaking of things I got in the mail, I also received, yesterday, a surprise. From my wish list, reader Regina sent me:
She’s Come Undone, by Wally Lamb! I read it once years and years ago – right after it came out, I believe, and defintely before it became an Oprah selection – and wanted to read it again. So I shall! Thank you, Regina – and if you’ll email me, I’ll thank you properly.
* * *
I stayed up late last night to finish Second Helpings, and felt all nostalgic when I was done. It really took me back to that time in my own life, though I wasn’t nearly as cool as Jessica Darling. Again, I highly recommend both Second Helpings and Sloppy Firsts. The thing that sucks about reading a book that just came out by an author you really like is that it’ll be a good long wait until the next one. I know I have a bazillion other books to read, but I still want another by Megan McCafferty NOW, damnit!
* * *
That’s it for now, y’all. I’m off to sit my butt on the couch, cross stitch, and watch a show I taped earlier. Have a good one!]]>