So, after I lifted weights on Saturday, while I was stumbling around with noodles for legs (the pain didn’t set in until Saturday evening), we decided to go to a roadside petting zoo about 45 minutes away from here. Fred’s going to do a whole entry about the petting zoo, complete with zillions of pictures, but let me tell you what I think was the best part of the zoo. The best part of the zoo, my friends, were the baby pygmy goats. My god in heaven, they were the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I was thisclose to snatching one up and tossing it in the Jeep. I said to Fred “Someday, if we have a house on enough land, promise me we’ll get some pygmy goats!” He wouldn’t, though, damn him. This little guy had just been born at 8:00 Saturday morning and was only hours old. More cuties, only a few hours old. These guys were a little older, and starting to get their horns. Their fur was so soft, and though they’d run from us when we entered the corral, once we started petting them, they seemed to think “Hey, that’s kind of nice…” and would stop running away. Little bunnies, who liked to be petted on their little heads. Seriously, the man brings me to a petting zoo full of cute animals, and then is surprised when I want to bring some of them home with me. Personally, I’d love to see the looks on the faces of the cats if we brought a baby pygmy goat home with us. I bet they’d be seriously freaked out.

You know, it’s funny. I installed Movable Type because I was tired of messing around with remembering to link each entry to the entry before and after, and changing the links on the front page every day, and so forth. But I’m doing more html by hand than I ever did while using Dreamweaver. It’s a fair trade-off, I suppose, to be able to change the look of the entire site so easily, and also not to have to worry about the “before” and “after” links working. So, here’s the question for y’all. When I link to something, do you want the link to open in a new window – like such – or the same window – like such? It makes no difference to me, just requires an additional bit of html to each link, so it’s really up to you. Poll time!
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