Patterson’s Cats calendar, one has scenic views of Maine, and one is a Get Fuzzy calendar. What’s worse is that those aren’t all the calendars in the house, oh no. On one side of the refrigerator is a calendar with pictures of famous works of art with a smiley face inserted somewhere in the picture. It cracks me up every time I walk by it – I’ll have to scan some of them. On the other side of the fridge is another smiley calendar, that one with the smiley face taking up the whole top of the page. And I think the spud has at least two calendars in her room. We’re some calendar-loving motherfuckers, that’s right.

Oh, I finally got the page for the Anderson Kitties up and running. I put it over on robynanderson.com instead of bitchypoo – that way I can link to it from both web pages. It’s here, and if you want to see it in the future, you can get to it through the cast page. I may put up a separate link to it on the sidebar, but I may not – there’s already an awful lot of stuff linked over there. As a side note, I do know that some people – like Beth on her book page – have the option of clicking on a box if you want all links to open on a separate page. I may spend some time trying to figure out how to do that, or I may not. If anyone out there wants to send me clear, concise directions in words of two syllables or less on how to do that in Movable Type, I’m certainly willing to listen. While we’re on the subject of moving stuff and links and the like, at some point I’m going to move my reading list over to robynanderson.com as well, so I can link to it from my weight loss page. For that matter, I probably ought to just move the cast page over there as well – that way there’d be not much on this site but the journal. I’ll have to think about that. Oh, stop rolling your eyes. You know you’re fascinated!
Our rose bushes are going nuts lately. I like all of our roses, but hold a special love in my heart for the non-red ones. I think red roses are boring, because I’m a freak. If I’m going to get roses, I’d prefer yellow ones (shocking, eh?) or a mix of cool colors. I really love our yellow rose bush, especially the way they have tinges of pink around the edge. Don’t ask me what kind of rose bush it is. I have no idea. (Note: It’s a Peace Rose. Thanks to the readers who emailed to let me know! Y’all know everything, you really do.) Note to self: Get potting soil and plant those damn petunias this weekend!
Damn do the cats get excited when I open one of the windows in the computer room. They must like the smell of roses, too.
1. What drinking water do you prefer — tap, bottle, purifier, etc.? We have a purifier on our refrigerator water dispenser, and that’s pretty good. I’m not terribly picky about my water, though – if I had to drink from the tap, I could get used to it. 2. What are your favorite flavor of chips? If they’re real chips – not reduced-fat or baked – I love sour cream and onion chips. If they’re baked, I prefer BBQ. 3. Of all the things you can cook, what dish do you like the most? I really like my chicken soup – unfortunately, the other bastards in the house don’t feel the same, so I don’t get to make it all that often. I also like my chicken and dumplings. 4. How do you have your eggs? If it’s just eggs, I prefer them scrambled. I like to make the occasional omelet as well, though, with mushroom, onions, cheese, and sometimes spinach. 5. Who was the last person who cooked you a meal? How did it turn out? That would be Fred, who made steak burritos for dinner last Saturday (he also made black beans and rice on Sunday, but that doesn’t count, because I actually started the meal). They ROCKED.
“Meh. MEH. Meh!”]]>