Big Spring Park. Once there, we parked and headed for the pond, where we walked slowly around, tossing oyster crackers to the carp, some of which were – I shit you not – three feet long or longer. It was so cool to see them swim to the surface with their big mouths open and suck down an oyster cracker. There were also ducks and pigeons, which weren’t all that interested in what we had to offer, because there were tons and tons of other people there also feeding them. There was either a church function going on, or a nearby church had let out, and people were wandering around in their finery. After we’d been there for half an hour or so, we both desperately had to pee, and were also both pretty thirsty. Also, there were just too damn many people around, so we left to find a bathroom and something cold to drink. Once we’d peed and bought some sodas, we headed for Brahan Spring Park, nearby. The ducks and geese at Brahan Spring were more than happy to see us coming, and we fed them until we were out of crackers and bread. By the time we left there, it was pretty close to lunch time, and so we swung by Subway to buy lunch, and then went to the lake by UAH. We ate lunch, and then began walking around the lake, feeding more geese and fish (Fred bought two boxes of saltines after we stopped by Subway). There were Canadian geese, some ducks, and these really odd-looking geese that reminded me, in the face, of turkeys. Their bodies weren’t shaped like turkeys, though, so I have no clue what they really were. There was also one white goose who followed us around and when we weren’t quick enough with handing over the crackers, he’d hiss at us. I’d put up pictures of all this cool stuff, but I didn’t bring the camera with me, unfortunately, or you’d be looking at ten thousand pictures of baby geese. And DAMN are baby geese mighty cute. I have a bit of a sunburn, since that was the first time this year I’ve spent much time in direct sunlight.

I’m so pissed at WZYP, the radio station I usually listen to. In fact, I’m going to stop listening to it. When I first moved to Alabama, their morning show was the Ace & TJ Show, and Ace and TJ never failed to crack me up at least once every morning. A few months went by, and suddenly Ace & TJ were replaced by some crappy morning show. A few years went by, and the crappy morning show was replaced by another morning team, and then another. Then one magical morning, I turned on the radio to hear Ace & TJ, back on the radio! They’d moved from Huntsville to Birmingham, and then to North Carolina, where they decided to put out a syndicated radio show, and WZYP was one of the first stations to pick them up. Every morning, to make riding the stationary bike or lifting weights less painful, I’d listen to Ace & TJ, who always made me laugh and made the time go by faster. Then, yesterday morning, they weren’t there. I emailed them to find out what was going on, and got a diplomatic “WZYP decided to go in another direction.” Well, if yesterday morning and this morning is anything to go by, they decided to go in the “suck” direction. Fuckers. I MISS MY ACE AND TJ!
Yesterday’s pet store kitties pictures are up here.
I was surprised to receive Pamie‘s book in the mail yesterday, because I was under the impression it wasn’t coming out until July 1st. I pre-ordered it from Amazon months ago, when it was first available for pre-ordering, and it seemed like July 1st was forever away. I had to clear the deck – I was in the middle of reading a book, and had the latest issue of US to read – and so I stayed up late last night to do so. The deck is now cleared, and I’m ready to start reading Pamie, full steam ahead. Yay!
Gardening pictures: Blooming glads (only two are blooming so far – the others have a few weeks yet) Very, very happy Million Bells. I guess they like either the heat or the humidity. I’d show you pictures of the tomato plants, which have gone hog wild (in a few weeks, we’ll be drowning in tomatoes), and the cantaloupe plants, which are really enjoying the heat and sunshine, but last time I went outside I got a Japanese beetle stuck in my HAIR (my HAIR! It was in my FUCKING HAIR! ::shudder::), and I did a shrieky little dance that probably caught the attention of half the neighborhood, so I’m going to just stay in for now. I know you understand.]]>