adorable Frannie and his Tubby shirt. Thirdly, we watched The Restaurant the other night, and it was DAMN good, definitely a show worth checking out. No surprise there, since Mark Burnett’s involved in it. And that cute little Rocco isn’t terribly hard on the eyes, either. At times he strongly reminds me of Benjamin Bratt, whom I’ve never considered all that good-looking before. On Rocco it’s hot, though. Go figure. Fourthly, Last Comic Standing is pretty damn good as well, although I hate that Dave Mordahl (sp?) is gone, ’cause I love him. Dat Phan was a lot funnier last night than the night he beat Dave, I’ll give him that. Lastly, cat pictures: Poo in a hamper! Tubs in the hamper! (And Spot in the cat bed) Same picture, different angle! Spot watching bird. Bird not looking very scared.

* * *
I’m out of here for real. See you on the flip side!]]>