* * * In my comments yesterday, Kay mentioned that she’d recently seen a really good bumper sticker. When I read what it said, I laughed my ass off, and read it to Fred, who also laughed pretty hard. And then I googled the phrase. You can get a bumper sticker here or here. You can get t-shirts here and here. You can even get a keychain! I’d buy the t-shirt if I didn’t live in the FUCKING BIBLE BELT. I’d probably be hung from the nearest tree if I wore something like that in public. Fuckers.

* * *
Several days ago, after I had to vacuum the Tubby hair off our bedspread for the third day in a row (godDAMN that cat sheds a lot), I told Fred I was going to buy a cat bed to place on our bed, in hopes that Tubby would lay in it, and all the cat hair would be contained in the bed instead of on our bedspread. I went, I bought, I placed, and Tubby seemed to like it. Only a problem developed, because not only did Tubby like it, but so did someone else. Tubby’s waiting his turn.]]>