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It’s time for another poll, isn’t it? This one regards comments. They’re currently set up so that the most recent comment is at the bottom of the page. So, would you prefer to have the comments that way, or would you prefer to have the most recent comments at the top of the page so you don’t have to scroll down? It doesn’t matter either way to me, ’cause I get all the comments via email, which is one of the reasons I love Movable Type so much. Anyway, even if you don’t care, you can still vote. Because I love you *just* that much. (Plus, it was free, so it appealed to my cheap side.)
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Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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I thought I was going to get my ass divorced this morning after I told Fred that I’d downloaded MSN Messenger Plus last night, and it was making my computer act funny and had added some kind of toolbar to my Internet Explorer, and even though I’d uninstalled it and uninstalled Messenger, the thing on the toolbar was still there, and my computer was acting funny. “Bessie!” he said. “WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT INSTALLING THINGS PEOPLE SEND YOU???” I tried to blame it on Mo. “It’s Mo’s fault!” I said. “She’s a muffinhead.” “No,” Fred said. “You’re the muffinhead. DID SHE STAND OVER YOU AND MAKE YOU INSTALL IT??” “No,” I said. “But she told me I’d be one of the cool kids if I did!” “Did you READ the End User License Agreement?” he asked. Like anyone ever reads those. “Noooo,” I said. And he began reading it to me. I put the phone down and went to pee and get a cup of water, and when I got back, he was still reading. “Hm,” I said when he was done. “That’s interesting!” He yelled at me some more, telling me that he’d done a search on Messenger Plus, and it was widely loathed for installing all kinds of spyware on computers. “Nance tried to stop me,” I said. “But it was too late.” “Well good for Nance!” he said, then paused. “Why did she try to stop you?” “Because Rick had a hard time uninstalling all the shit from her computer, too.” It was then decided that Nance was also a muffinhead. After downloading and running AdAware and SpyBot, I think my system’s clean again. AdAware found 79 things on my computer to get rid of (about a third of those were cookies)(mmm, cookies) and SpyBot found another 9. I probably should not be allowed to be on the computer without adult supervision.
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Did you know that last week was Banned Books week? I went to the bookstore with Fred yesterday so he could exchange a book, and I found a display with a bunch of books that had been banned. I bought The Outsiders and A Wrinkle in Time to re-read, because if it’s BANNED, it’s GOTTA be good. Fred was poking around in the self-help section, and I saw this book and pointed it out to him. “Why Men Love Bitches!” I said, smirking. “You need this!” Then I looked closer and saw the subtitle: From Doormat to Dreamgirl-A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship. Hmph. I was going to buy a copy of Good in Bed to give away in honor of Wendy‘s Jemima J. vendetta, but Fred gave me The Look, so I put it back. But put it on your wish list if you haven’t read it.
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1. What vehicle do you drive? A white ’97 Jeep Grand Cherokee. 2. How long have you had it? Uh… less than 4 years, because I remember mentioning it in an entry. I wrote about it on February 21, 2000, so a few days before that. 3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle? That it runs. And the stereo’s okay. Fred’s got seat warmers in his Jeep. Hmph. 4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle? That it’s white, that it’s an SUV, that the engine is very loud and the brakes squeal, that it tends to pull to the right even after a 4-wheel alignment. 5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now? It’d be a 3-way tie between a yellow Mini-Cooper, a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, or a yellow (if they make them), uh… DAMN, I can’t remember the name of it. It’s a tiny little two-seater, and the name of it might start with an “s”, and it’s a convertible. But it might not start with an “s”. Argh! Well, if it comes to me later, I’ll come back and add the name. (Thanks, Laurie! It’s a Mazda Miata, which doesn’t have an “s” in it at all. Duhhhh.)
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That is not a pillow. That is a little bag of catnip. Miz Poo sniffed it, kicked it’s ass, and was so exhausted that she fell asleep.
A year ago: Fred has been remarkably calm. Resigned, you might say. Two years ago: You know, for an event that’s for a good cause and supposed to make me feel all happy, I’m certainly feeling mighty hate-filled and grumpy right now Three years ago: Fred’s eyes went big as saucers, and he moved as if he were going to leap across the table at me and heimlich me to within an inch of my life.]]>