* * * The spud will be attending the Homecoming dance at the high school next week. Apparently she and some of her friends sounded like it would be fun. When I asked the spud what she intended to wear, she said “Some of the girls are going to wear skirts. I have a skirt, I’ll wear that.” Now, let me just say that I pretty much have no clue what the spud has for clothes. If she needs a certain piece of clothing we go out and buy it for her, and then I don’t think about clothes again until I absolutely have to. She does her own laundry, her grandparents buy her (way too many) clothes. I simply have no idea what she has for clothes save what I see her in – and even then I tend not to notice what she’s wearing all that often. If it’s clean and covers her, then she can wear it as far as I’m concerned. A few days after our first discussion about the dance, wherein I pinned down all the particulars – she’s going to meet her friends there, her friend Shawn/ Sean/ Shaun is going to be her “date”, no she doesn’t like Shawn/ Sean/ Shaun “like that” but the rumor mill around school that they’re dating, and she thinks the dance starts around 6 – I asked her to show me the skirt she was planning to wear. It was a knee-length denim skirt. I know nothing about Homecoming, but even I know that a knee-length denim skirt is a tad less formal than what she needed to wear. I did a google search on Homecoming dresses, and guess what? They’re QUITE formal. They’re pretty much like prom dresses. Oh happy, HAPPY day. Now we need to get her a formal dress and all the accoutrements in a little more than a week. And I will be FUCKED before I spend $200 on a dress. I was looking at dresses online and found one I thought might look good on her (why are they all sleeveless or spaghetti-strapped? What the fuck is wrong with SLEEVES?), and then saw the price and gasped. $250. The spud, who was standing behind me said “Why would anyone want to spend that much money on a dress for ONE night?” Clearly, she is her mother’s daughter. We’re going to go look for dresses at Kohl’s this afternoon. Y’all, shut up. I found a perfectly suitable and lovely dress on their website, so perhaps they’ll have something even better in the store. I love shopping, so this will be BIG FUN for me. Except for the “love shopping” and “big fun” part.

* * *
Yesterday after dinner, as I stood up to put my plate in the sink, I heard a whiny little war cry coming from the living room. Stanley-bean was standing in front of Tubby, ready to start some shit. So I grabbed the camcorder and shot a little movie of it, for your viewing pleasure. Before I provide the link, a warning. It’s fucking HUGE. It’s only a 45-second movie, but it’s 7.3 MB. It will probably take forever and a day to load, even if you’ve got a fast connection. Your best bet would be to download it to your own hard drive and watch it from there. It’s an .mpg, so if you can’t view .mpgs, you won’t be able to view this. I did attempt to cut down on the size a little by saving it as a .wmv, but that looked so crappy that you could barely tell what was going on. So an .mpg it is. The movie’s probably not going to be available for more than a few days, since it’s so huge. I’ve put a “movie of the week” link over on the sidebar (it’s the last link in the “About” section), and I’ll probably change the movie out whenever I get around to it. Whether that’ll be once a day, once a week or once a month is anyone’s guess. So go see Stanley-bean in action here (sorry, it’s been removed due to the size). Make sure your volume is turned up so that you can hear his war cry!
* * *
A few months ago while wandering around the internet, I found a cool pattern to make a plastic canvas Cartman. The pattern was for yarn and something called “continental” and “reverse continental” stitches, which is nothing I know anything about, but I decided to give it a try with cross-stitches.
I think it turned out pretty well, though the eyes look a little funny. If I make it again, I’ll probably do his eyes squinched shut, like when he gets mad. Also, next time I’ll only use one thread to do the outline, instead of two (I wasn’t paying attention, apparently). It’s only about an inch and a half tall, so I think I’m going to slap a magnet on the back and stick him to the fridge. The pattern, by the way, is here. She has a bunch of other free patterns here, as well. Yes, this belongs over in the crafty blog. I’m sure I’ll get around to it one of these days… Of course, without the “To Do” blog to keep me on the straight and narrow, it may never happen! Heh.
* * *
Does this look particularly comfortable to you? Doesn’t it look like the whole kit and caboodle is going to topple over at any moment?
Stanley-bean makes a funny face at The Momma.