Three Things

Ami) THREE THINGS I DON’T UNDERSTAND 1. How computers work (don’t really want to know, either). 2. How it is that I can actually see words going in one ear and out the other when I’m talking to Fred or the spud. 3. How you let the things you did get so out of hand/ You’d have managed better if you’d had a plan/ why’d you choose such a backward time in such a strange land? If you’d come today, you could have reached the whole nation/ Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication/ I only wanna know/ I only wanna know now/ I only wanna know/ I only WANNA know/ Jesus Christ, Superstar, do you think you’re who they say you are? (Done from memory, thank you) THREE THINGS THAT SCARE ME 1. Any kind of bug that moves really fast, especially in my direction. And especially when they have more than four legs. 2. Big dogs that come toward me growling while wagging their big tails. 3. Being old and having to eat dog food to survive. THREE THINGS I’D LIKE TO LEARN 1. How to stay organized (I can get organized, I just can’t stay there). 2. What the hell I’ve done to fuck up our company accounts so that our accounts payable shows that we’re owed $1,000+ that we are certainly not owed. I fear I may have to go back and rebuild the books from the very beginning – on the up side, that’s only about four months of rebuilding and would most likely only take the better part of a weekend if I were truly motivated. 3. How to edit the movies I put up here so that they don’t look so thrown-together and crappy. Actually I don’t want to learn that; I want to already know it. THREE THINGS I AM WEARING RIGHT NOW 1. This shirt, in red. (I know it’s horrifying that I’m wearing a cheap fleece shirt from Lane Bryant, but until I looked at the tag, I thought it was a more expensive shirt from Silhouettes or Ulla Popken) 2. Gray cotton Just My Size pants. 3. Moccasin-style slippers (dark green) from LL Bean. THREE THINGS ON MY DESK 1. Miz Poo 2. The Bean. 3. 63,000 different instruction books for my new cell phone. THREE THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE 1. Sky dive. 2. Hike the Appalachian Trail (shhh, don’t tell Fred!). 3. Be on Survivor 45: South Central LA. THREE GOOD THINGS ABOUT MY PERSONALITY 1. I am occasionally amusing. 2. I’m generally accepting of the freakish idiosyncrasies and beliefs of others. 3. I don’t hold a grudge for longer than 10 or 15 years. THREE BAD THINGS ABOUT MY PERSONALITY 1. I’m a grumpy bitch. 2. I’m impatient. 3. I like peace and quiet and get grouchy when it’s too noisy for too long. THREE PARTS OF YOUR HERITAGE 1. Cherokee 2. Scottish 3. English (I think) THREE THINGS I LIKE ABOUT MY BODY 1. My calves. 2. My eyes. 3. My hair (sometimes). THREE THINGS I DON’T LIKE ABOUT MY BODY I’m going to skip this one; I couldn’t possibly limit it to three. THREE THINGS MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME I honestly can’t think of anything on this one. THREE THINGS I SAY THE MOST 1. Fuck them. 2. Fuck you. 3. What the fuck? THREE PLACES YOU WANT TO GO 1. Alaska. 2. Australia. 3. Scotland. THREE NAMES THAT YOU GO BY 1. Robyn. 2. Bessie. 3. Rob. THREE SCREEN NAMES YOU HAVE OR HAD 1. Nybor. 2. Bitchypoo. 3. BessieLou.

* * *
Miz Poo loves to hang out on top of the bookcase. If the Bean tries to approach, she can swat him down with one little paw.