I took this one. Obviously. Fred took this one of Miz Poo in the back yard. Look at how clear and crisp the picture is! Miz Poo, lickinglickinglicking. The spud took this one with the old camera. Just thought I’d sneak it in here. The spud, lookin’ cute. I’m lucky that she hasn’t reached the age where she screams and runs away when she sees a camera. Of course, she’s so cute (and no, I’m not biased at alllllll) that she’s got no reason to run away screaming. The Tubs! Uh, Nance? You ain’t kiddin’ when you say it’s all about the angle! Tubby looks downright svelte from this angle! (The rest of the pictures are taken with the old camera)

The Bean LEAPS upon the Tubbyman. Growling and hissing and kicking and licking ensues. Also, some biting. The Tubs kicks his stubby little legs helplessly. The Bean sashays off while Tubby grabs at the air.