Woman objects to carrying coffin photo of crash victim. Tough shit, is what I say. Maybe she should have thought twice before drinking and driving, thus causing the death of an innocent man and putting his pregnant wife in a coma. If I were that judge, she’d sure as shit be serving more than 30 days in jail. Grrrr. (Fred said, “They should have provided a picture of him at the scene of the accident for her to carry.” Amen.)

* * *
So, I did a lot of shopping while I was in Maine, did I mention? I got lots of cool stuff (love those sales!), and since I took pictures or scanned a lot of it, guess what the rest of this entry is going to be about? You lucky readers!
Debbie bought this for me in Spencer’s. Can’t IMAGINE why she thought it would be perfect for me…
There’s this very cool store in Freeport called Cool as a Moose. They have funny t-shirts, funny magnets, and lots of funny postcards. I got to looking at the magnets, saw one with my astrological sign, read what it had to say, and laughed my ass off. I bought not only the one with my sign on it, but Fred’s and the spud’s as well.
I’m a Capricorn. Fred’s a Gemini. The spud’s a Scorpio. Also, I had to pick this one up. I’m not sure why I think it’s so funny, but I do. Happy Bunny! This is a reusable window cling. It cracks me up. Another reusable window cling. A mint container. Hee! I dumped out the crappy peppermint mints and refilled it with cinnamon altoids. A notebook for my purse. Another window cling. I don’t know, y’all. I went a little crazy with the Happy Bunny stuff. Magnet. Magnet. One of my favorites. By the way, you can get Happy Bunny magnets and tons of other Happy Bunny stuff at Blackjackinc.com. I think I need an air freshener for my Jeep.
So, in Bath there is a store called Reny’s. It’s a little discount store, and you never know what you’ll find there – my mother found a huge basket for something like six bucks, and she jumped on it and carried it around, worried that someone would try to take it from her. I was looking around, and I thought I saw some cat paraphernalia, so I went closer. “Oh,” I said. “this looks like it will be kind of cute…”
And then I turned it and looked at its eyes. Eeek!
FUCKING creepy! Ick! Ew! ::scream::! And then I looked to my left, and almost screamed.
Creepiest fucking thing EVER. So naturally I bought them. I’ll probably to have to give them away, though. They creep me out, just being in the house. ::shudder::]]>