now’s your chance. The price isn’t going any lower, and once the book is sold out, it’s gone for good – there’ll be no reprint. Also, you can have it sent via Priority Mail ($6, 2 – 3 days) or Media Mail ($2, slow boat to China (can take up to 30 days, but doesn’t usually)). We’re a full-service company, yes we are. That, or we just want to get rid of the rest of the damn things. The loan we took out to pay for the publication of the book is now paid off, and all we want to do is get our house back, with no stacks of books taking up place in the library. The cats will probably be pretty pissed that they’ll no longer be able to get up on top of the bookcase, though. Perhaps I can convince Fred to build them a little staircase… (Probably not)

* * *
So, I had my annual visit to the gynecologist yesterday. I had actually been looking forward to this instead of dreading it as I usually do, because Seasonale became available in October (November?), and ever since I started seeing blurbs about it in magazines a few years ago, I’ve been seriously looking forward to getting me some o’ that. I mean, having your period four times a year instead of twelve – does that rock, or what? I asked my gynecologist about it, and she was happy to prescribe it (which is a dumb thing to say, I guess – what’s she going to do, refuse? Oh, wait. We’re in Alabama. I wouldn’t be surprised if gynecologists regularly refused to prescribe birth control). PLUS, she had a free sample for me! And not ONLY did I get a free sample:
(That’s three months of birth control right there!)
But the sample came in the cutest little canvas bag!
(That information about Seasonale on the side is a sticker that peels off)
Cute, no? I love it! I was so excited that I actually called Fred and squealed excitedly in his ear about it. He suggested that I get a life. Bastard.
* * *
So. I have something a wee bit embarrassing to admit. I’ll just say it straight out, and then if you are horrified you can shake your head and then quietly delete me from your bookmarks folder and unsubscribe from my notify list. But don’t send me an email telling me what a lame old lady I am and make me cry, okay? Because then surely the only thing that would ease the pain of being so very lame would be to adopt another cat, and then Fred would divorce me, and then I’d be homeless with six cats (make that five; I’ll leave Tubby with Fred) and I’d have to come live with you, and none of us want that, because you really don’t want to see me first thing in the morning. Mm’kay? Okay, here goes. Now I’m going to tell you: I bought the CD by Bob “Bachelor Bob” Guiney. And I like it. A lot. Especially “Girlfriend”. Let us go forth and speak of this no more.
* * *
Oh! New The Bachelorette premieres Wednesday, starring the woman I hoped Bob (I understand he has a CD out. Of course, I’d know nothing about that…) would end up with, Meredith! Meredith’s nothing at all like Trista (whom I love, but MAN the baby-talk has got to go), and it’s going to be fun seeing her with her pick of guys. It’s interesting, is it not, that there have been four Bachelors and none of them ended up in marriage, whereas there’s been (so far) one Bachelorette and that did result in a marriage? I’m so disappointed that Andrew and Jen broke up, though. Maybe if we all hope really hard, they’ll get back together… (Yep. Working real hard on getting that life.)
* * *
I got these baskets when I was in Maine. The idea is for me to put my cross-stitch stuff in them and put the smaller one on the bigger one. But you know how Miz Poo is when you put something on the floor… Also, the Bean is rather fond of meowing at the bigger basket until we open it. Then he climbs in and waits for us to close the lid. Then he lays in there for five minutes or so, at which point he begins meowing for someone to let him out. He’s such a goof.