SURVIVOR SPOILERS BELOW, SKIP IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN LAST NIGHT’S SHOW YET! It sucks ASS that Rudy got voted off last night, but I wasn’t surprised. I knew that the way he was limping around that if his tribe went to Tribal Council, he’d be the one gone. I was surprised to see Jerri crying, though. Fred still hates Jerri and Shii Ann. Not one to forgive and forget, that one. I’m so glad they blur Rich’s ass when he runs around naked, by the way. That’s for sure a sight America doesn’t need to see. He’s definitely same ol’ Rich! GO Rupert, with the catching of the fish! I loved the look on Ethan’s face when Rupert walked up with the fish after he (Ethan) had been fishing and had no luck. When Ethan said at Tribal Council, “And then we caught the fish…”, I turned to Fred and said “What’s this “we”, Kemosabe?” Heh. Damn I love that show. Edited to add: Jenna L.? VERY annoying. Very, very. Edited again to add: I told Fred that if the tribes couldn’t figure out how to make fire, the producers would end up stepping in to help out, and I guarantee you, that’s what that reward challenge was about.]]>