SURVIVOR SPOILERS BELOW – READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Oh maaaaaaan. I’m no fan of Jenna Morasco, but I was crying right along with her last night (no one cries alone when I’m around!) and I felt SO bad for her, poor girl. I don’t know that that was necessarily “The most shocking 15 minutes of Survivor“, though. I knew immediately that the tribe with the Robs and Alicia (I can never remember tribe names!) was going to win the reward challenge and the Rupert/ Ethan/ Jerri/ Jenna tribe weren’t going to win a damn thing. I love Rupert, but he needs to ease back on the control freakishness. Bah-ston Rob can make fun of Alicia all he’d like, but the white rocks MADE the look of their new shelter. Hmph.]]>