* * * I had the weirdest dream last night. I was visiting Amy at her home on the ocean (!). It was a weird house, on stilts, about thirty feet up. You had to climb really steep steps to get to the door, and there was a bit of fencing around the landing at the top. I remember quite clearly thinking “I hope Amy doesn’t let Quinn out on the landing by herself. She could really get hurt!” (I’m sure Amy never would, not for a moment) The house was tiny, just one room, and the spud and I had to sleep on the floor. We had a big bonfire gathering on the beach with tons of people there, including Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil walked off, and I followed him, just in time to see him kill a homeless man and dump his body at the bottom of a pond. However, I couldn’t tell on Dr. Phil, because I was his lawyer (I was on The Practice!) and was his defense lawyer. But I got into Dr. Phil’s car so we could drive to court, and he started getting threatening, so I jumped out of the car (ouch. We were going fast!) and ran away as fast as I could. This is what happens when I stay up past midnight reading a Dean Koontz book, I guess.

* * *
Miz Poo, high on the kitty pot, shows the Daddy just who the boss is. Meanwhile, the Bean lays next to the stash and vigorously cleans himself. ]]>