Nance emailed me last week to let me know I had a package on the way from her, but she wouldn’t tell me what was in it. It arrived Friday afternoon, and I opened it to find… Well, words just can’t adequately describe what was in that box.

The mind boggles, does it not? The gold wings? The gold necklace? THE GOLD PUMPS? Who created this work of art and what kind of drugs were they on? You’ve gotta wonder. Nance said that she saw it and immediately thought of me. Heh. It’s been sitting on the kitchen counter since I got it, and EVERY time I walk into the kitchen it makes me laugh. I might have to move it into the living room so that it doesn’t get splashed or sprayed with Pam when Fred’s making his popcorn. Art like THIS, you’ve gotta protect, y’know. (Thanks again Nance, you goofball!)
* * *
Let’s see… it’s been a while since I checked my Picosearch stats to find out what people have been searching on within the site (for those of you new to the page, you can click on that “search” link over there to the right under the “journal” heading and search within bitchypoo.com). Below are some interesting searches. (And for the record, all searches are completely anonymous, so go ahead and search on weird things to your heart’s content.) Cat stain. Oh, I know what this one’s about – I’ve gotten a lot of email lately asking me what on earth that stuff was called that I waxed poetic about, the stuff we got from the carpet guy that worked so amazingly well to kill the smell of cat pee. It’s called Axi-dent and you can get some here. The kind we have came in a big jug and when we need to use it (which we haven’t had to since Tubby died, actually) we pour it in a spray bottle. Digital Camera. It’s a Sony Cybershot DSC-V1, and we LOVE it. The old one (which we still have and use) is a Sony Cybershot DSC-P50. The difference between the two? The old one is a 2.1 megapixel, and the new one’s a 5.0. Also, the new one will make movies with sound, whereas the old one doesn’t have sound. Also, the movies aren’t as good. Music. Also, song. 8 searches on each of these. I’m not sure what you’re looking for – leave a comment and I’ll see if I can help you out. Email and email 2004. You can find my email address by clicking on the “contact” link over there to the right. If you were looking for something else, let me know in the comments. Pancit and Recipes. There’s a recipe link over there on the right. I try to upload recipes as I “discover” them, but if there’s something in particular you can’t find, just ask. I won’t bite. (At least not hard…) Seasonale. I’m in my 10th week of using Seasonale and I’ve been having breakthrough bleeding for the last week and a half. Ask me if I’m thrilled. I expect it’ll keep on until I have my period in a few weeks, and then hopefully it’ll go away. Fred actually asked me the other night “Still loving the Seasonale?”, but I don’t think this is really the fault of the Seasonale – it’s just my body trying to figure out what the FUCK is going on. I expected when I started on it that it was going to take at least a year for my body to get into the new rhythm, since I’ve been on a 28-day cycle for the last 8 years. Davinci. I’m sure this is in regards to The Davinci Code. Which we own, but I haven’t read yet! Enell. Still got it, still love it, still refuse to go out in public while wearing it ’cause it makes me look barrel-chested. Kalahari. I had no idea what this might be, until I went to Target and saw The Kalahari Typing School for Men in the book section. I hadn’t heard of this before – is it good? Starting Over. I’ve heard of this, I think – the reality show with women who are, basically, starting over? Never seen it, though. I hear it’s addictive! Wedding photo. Of Fred and I? I don’t think I’ve ever put one up, actually! You’ll understand if I keep it that way for the time being. 🙂 3fc. I suspect you were looking for the entry about the whole brouhaha last year wherein someone stole the “before” picture off OneFatBitchypoo and used it as their own. That entry was actually written over at OneFatBitchypoo, and since I’m still in the process of putting up archives, it’s not available at the moment. Okay, I think that’s it. Is there something I’ve mentioned and never followed up on that you’re dying to know? Or just something you’re curious about? Leave a comment and I’ll see if I can’t assuage your curiosity. (Amy, I’m working on a picture of the coffee plant for you!) C’mon. Don’t be shy. Ask! (This is what I do when nothing’s going on in my life, y’know. I demand that you give me topics to write about. I’m nothing if not a lazy bitch. Heh.)
* * *
The stalker strikes again.