* * * From my comments: A comment from the youngest of 4 children. If I ever heard my Mom say “Thank God, it’s the last time I have to sit though __________” once I heard it fifty times. If I hear it again – I’ll scream! OK – I’m 38 so I doubt I’ll hear it again so don’t worry. It really put a damper on things in life. I let her know it – she did not listen. No wonder I was crabby when I graduated from high school! Last awards ceremony, last “sing out”, last graduation ceremony, last graduation party, last, last last. . . So moral of the story – Don’t let your kids hear you celebrate. Oh, we celebrate – but we celebrate when she’s not around. She thinks we’re thrilled to go to her concerts, and was very concerned about the fact that Fred wouldn’t be able to attend, so she made sure that I brought the camcorder with me. As we were walking into the school the night of the concert, I said “Are you sad that this is your last band concert?” and she said “NO. Band is kind of boring…” AMEN TO THAT, SISTER! Hey – in your previous entry you mentioned you found the earrings you were searching for – where did you find them? I love them too and would love a pair — Please tell me it was somewhere on-line and not a specialty store in your local mall… Actually, I didn’t find the ones I was looking for, but I did find some that I really like – these. I don’t know why I love earrings so much. I wear them maybe ten days out of the year, but I keep buying them! (Ooh, and I REALLY like these. Pretty, no?) Also, I’m kind of picky about the earrings I buy – for instance, I really like these, but I can’t wear earrings where the back is like that, because the end irritates the skin under my ear, so I have to have earrings with posts or lever backs. Fascinating, no? I totally got the song reference! “He’s Spot, he’s Spot, he’s Spot, he’s in his bed…” I haven’t heard that song (Presidents of the USA, right?) in forever. Also, AHEM. I’ve been going on and on and ON about “24” at my journal FOREVER. Just proof that you do not read, and therefore you MISS OUT. Missy. I never thought anyone would get that reference, because I could hear the tune in my head when I was typing it, but I didn’t really think it was going to come across. Never underestimate the readers! Also, I do SO read your journal. But you know how you read someone’s journal and they start talking about something you’re not interested in, so you’re like “Eh, yeah, 24. Whatever.”, and you skim that part? (I suspect many of my readers do that. Heh.) So I musta skimmed. And while I’ll read someone’s glowing review of a book and immediately add it to my wish list, for some reason if I’ve decided I’m not interested in a show, you can say the most amazing things about it – “And then Kiefer STRIPPED NAKED and monkeys flew DIRECTLY out of his ASS!” – and I’ll be all “Yeah, yeah.” And since Fred and I had watched the very first 24 when it was on TV and decided we weren’t interested, that was all she wrote. Because clearly we’re idiots. Speaking of TV, we were flipping channels last night and we happened across the WB, and it was the second episode of Superstar USA, and let me tell you something. That is the BEST SHOW EVER. It’s like American Idol, flipped. How the judges keep a straight face, I DO NOT KNOW. Because some of those people are just incredibly awful, and they keep coming with the praise. That Briggs guy, especially, is hilarious. It’s on again Friday night, so check it out! Definitely worth your time. (Heh. I wonder how many of you just went “Eh, Superstar USA. Whatever.” and skipped that paragraph.) Whoot! Sounds like your liver is on the right track, but I wonder – how do you get it to exercise? It won’t. You know how some people have a lazy eye? I have a lazy liver. It sits on the sidelines and mocks me when I’m on the elliptical. Stupid liver. All I can do is set a good example and hope it sinks in. Otherwise, it’s outta here.

* * *
Good thing he’s pretty, ’cause he’s not the brightest bulb. ]]>