* * * We finally got the box of stuff we sent ourselves from Gatlinburg, and BELIEVE YOU ME I was cursing the woman who’d packed the box for us. By the time I was done scooping those evil fucking styrofoam peanuts out of the box, I had two big garbage bags full of nothing but the fucking things (Fred dropped them off at a Mailboxes, Etc. the next morning. Recycling at it’s finest.). I loathe those fucking things, HATE THEM. What’s wrong with plain old bubble wrap? NOTHING, that’s what. I swear, the next time I get a box with peanuts in it, I’m going to be forced to go on a shooting spree. Styrofoam peanuts = pure evil. Ugh. Anyway, I took pictures of most of the stuff I bought for you to enjoy. Who loves ya? Why, yes. That would be me. I always buy tons of magnets when we’re in G’burg, some of them from World O’ Magnets, and some in other gift stores. I do love the magnets.

Fred surprised me by buying this one for me. Awww. My favorite. Heh. Love the Happy Bunny!
In fact, I got so many magnets that I decided to get rid of some of the ones I’ve bought in the past and give them away on the giveaway page (I’ll get that done later today or tomorrow, promise!).
A blurry shot of some of the salsa Fred bought at The Pepper Palace. We won a shot glass from Fannie Farkle’s (an arcade). Fred usually gets the obnoxious t-shirts, but when I saw the back, I had to get this one for myself. Above is the front… The back. Heh. (You can get your own here.) Because we just don’t have enough cups. Really! Two Quarry Cats to add to my collection.
And that’s about it. As usual, we bought a bunch of stuff we don’t need. Which is what you’re supposed to do on vacation, right? You can see what Fred bought, here.
* * *
I was looking for a magnet yesterday, when I ran across a couple of t-shirts that made me laugh.
Don’t I need this shirt? I don’t know why this made me laugh. It just did!
* * *
Since we didn’t have a cake on Fred’s birthday (it was a Wednesday and we were leaving the next day for Gatlinburg), we decided to have one today. I made him call and order it himself. He told them to put a lot of roses on it, though didn’t specify what color the roses should be. When I picked it up this morning, I was surprised to see just how girly the colors were:
Pretty, no?
I have a feeling I’ll be coming down from a serious sugar high in about six hours…
* * *
“I dub thee… Sir Stumpinboogers!”