Ten. Ten Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading: 1. The Time Traveler’s Wife 2. Dead Famous 3. Ten Big Ones 4. R is for Ricochet 5. The Enemy 6. Girl Boy Etc 7. The Narrows 8. My Sister’s Keeper 9. Running With Scissors 10. Bergdorf Blondes (even though, from all reports, Plum Sykes is a self-important bitch to the Nth degree). Ten Things (NOT people or cats) I Can’t Would Rather Not Live Without: 1. Blistex 2. Candles 3. Curel Lotion 4. Bath fizzies 5. Diet Coke 6. My Camera 7. My phone 8. My birthday present from Nance (I use it EVERY day, Nance!) 9. My slippers 10. My frickin’, stupid, goddamn piece of shit computer My Ten Favorite Pairs of Earrings: 1. The ones I bought for myself at Kohl’s yesterday to assauge the pain of that horrid fucking picture Fred took of me. 2. Why yes, I AM under the impression I’m still 10 years old! 3. I have no idea where these came from. 4. I bought these off eBay. from Kathy. 5. A birthday present from Fred several years ago. (Yes, real diamonds! Whee!) 6. Seven ninety-nine at Target! 7. One of my Christmas presents from Fred last year. It’s a cat, curled up sleeping (bad picture, I know) 8. My favorite Christmas earrings. (I bet you’re surprised they’re not big, gaudy Rudolph earrings with light-up noses, aren’t you?) 9. Another $7.99 special from Target. 10. I’ve had these earrings for at least ten years. I think they came from Avon. My Ten Favorite Smells: 1. Fred’s neck (shaddup) 2. Baby powder 3. Cats (as long as they aren’t wet) 4. Wildberry Pancakes-scented candles 5. Buttercream Yankee Candles 6. A fresh-squeezed lemon (Fred uses fresh lemon juice in his tea) 7. Sand & Sable perfume (it smells like the beach to me) 8. Ammonia (I use it to clean with) 9. My clothes after I’ve been swimming in the quarry (they smell like rainwater) 10. Freshly mown grass Ten Things I Really Really Fucking Hate Doing: 1. Taking the cat (any of them!) to the vet 2. Talking on the phone (99.99999% of the time) 3. Putting the dishes in the dishwasher away 4. Mopping the floors 5. Cleaning the litter box 6. Scrubbing the shower 7. Having my picture taken 8. Cleaning around the toilet (don’t GET me started) 9. Pulling up weeds 10. Cleaning out the frickin’ birdbath The Last Ten Sites I Visited: 1. Nance 2. The Usual Suspects 3. Amazon 4. Mo’s blog 5. RFCU 6. Mac’s old page 7. Mac’s new page 8. Netflix 9. Burnt Fuse 10. Dooce The Top Ten Movies in my Netflix Queue: 1. 50 First Dates 2. Secret Window 3. The Office 4. Cold Mountain 5. Pieces of April 6. The School of Rock 7. The Butterfly Effect 8. Ghost World 9. Crumb 10. Stevie (I finished watching Center Stage this morning. I think I may have to buy that movie, I love it so much.) The Ten Last Things I Ate: 1. Dannon white chocolate and raspberry yogurt 2. 2 tiny plums 3. 1 peach 4. Salad with cherry tomatoes and Kraft Lite 3-Cheese Ranch dressing 5. A honey-dijon chicken Lean Cuisine (nasty, nasty aftertaste) 6. An Egg McMuffin 7. 1 1/2 cups of Cheerios 8. 1 pc. of toast with raspberry jam 9. String cheese 10. 1 c. watermelon cubes The Last Ten Songs I Heard: 1. Good as I was to you – Lorrie Morgan 2. Displaced – Azure Ray 3. You were mine – Dixie Chicks 4. Save me – Aimee Mann 5. I’m moving on – Rascal Flatts 6. Anymore – Travis Tritt 7. Forgive – Rebecca Lynn Howard 8. Still within the sound of my voice – Glen Campbell 9. Brick – Ben Folds 10. Why – Annie Lennox (Can you tell I’m listening to my “sad songs” directory?) Ten Things I Should Be Doing Instead of Sitting on My Ass in Front of the Computer: 1. Answering email 2. Paying bills 3. Updating the GFY page 4. Putting up OFB archives 5. Cleaning the downstairs bathroom 6. Cleaning off my desk 7. Spying on the neighbors 8. Vacuuming the downstairs 9. Brushing Spot, who’s been shedding in a big way lately 10. Eating dinner (which I’m going to go do now. Night!)

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