When I was flying home from Maine in September, during my layover in Memphis I was checking out the gift shop, when I saw the cow bank. And then I saw the pig bank. I couldn’t decide which I liked more, so I got ’em both. They make me laugh every time I look at their expressions. I only wish they had a cat one, but sadly they don’t. You can get your own here. I do like the moose – I might have to get that one too, one of these days.

This is one of the t-shirts I got for Fred when I was in Myrtle Beach. He loves the obnoxious shirts, don’tchaknow.
I bought this book a few years ago, after Fred and I were on “Bullshit!” Laura Fraser was the other “expert” in the same show as us and when I was looking up information on her I read about the book and decided it sounded interesting. I finished it Sunday night, and it was definitely a good book; I highly recommend it. I’m sure I’ll be giving it away on the giveaway page in the next few weeks. I would keep it – and that’s saying a lot; I don’t keep many books – but I have a feeling I’d never read it again, and that would be a waste of a good book.
I got this shot glass when I was in Myrtle Beach, to add to my shot glass collection. I had a hard time finding a shot glass I liked, for some reason.
Not recently purchased, but this space heater is definitely worth the money I spent on it two years ago. The temperature outside had dropped quite a bit in the past few weeks, and I’ve been getting colder and colder, so I decided it was time. It’s cold in this room right now, but I am toasty warm with my heater at my feet.
They’ve put a little coffee drive-thru up around the corner (well, around several corners) and down the street, on a busy highway. To me, the building looks almost cartoonish, and it makes me almost wish I was a coffee drinker.
* * *
Pet store kitty pics from Monday are up here.
* * *
Hey, do y’all know where online you can (legally!) download music? iTunes doesn’t carry Tim McGraw or Wynonna Judd songs, both of which I’m hankering to listen to. I know there are download places other than iTunes, but I’ll be damned if I can find ’em.
* * *
Da Poo, sitting on her pillow on my desk ten minutes ago.
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