* * * I’m just putting off going out into the garage to exercise. I always come downstairs ready to hop on the elliptical, but get sidetracked checking my email, talking to Fred, playing with the kitties. It’s so cold in the garage right now that it hurts a little to walk out there with bare legs and arms, but if I wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I get too warm while I’m working out. I know the perfect idea is to layer, but I’d much rather be a martyr, don’tchaknow. The movie I’m currently watching while I do the elliptical is Dying Young. Vincent D’Onofrio looks like he’s about 12 years old in that movie and Campbell Scott, dying of leukemia (or whatever cancer he was supposed to have) or not, is one good-looking man. I was going to say I wonder what he’s doing these days, but a quick check at IMDB shows that he still works pretty regularly, just not in anything I’ve watched. Okay, enough putting it off. I’m going to go exercise. I’ll be back.

* * *
Yep, fuck that. The elliptical is squeaking so loudly that I can no longer hear what the fuck is going on on the TV no matter how often it is greased or the bolts are tightened, so I’m on strike. This is what we get for buying the rock-bottom cheapest elliptical we could find, I suppose.
* * *
Have I mentioned that the kitties lurve the space heater?