Alicia I know nothing at all about Little Ponies, Mine or Otherwise. I only know from reading Katherine’s entry that they have a symbol on their butts that go with their names? Or something? Okay, so my My Little Pony name would be Badass and my butt symbol would be a sneering smiley face. Will that work, or are the Little Ponies supposed to have names that consist of more than one word? I’m so confused! 2. “What do you think of when you look up at a brilliant night sky?” – Athena Usually I wonder whether the stars whose light I’m seeing are still around, or whether they winked out of existence a billion years ago. Sometimes I wonder who else in the world is standing in place and staring up at the stars at the exact moment I am. And I always wish that I had a skylight over my bed, so that I could lay in bed and look up at the stars every night as I go to sleep. 3. “Have you ever felt prejudice towards anyone, or felt it aimed at you? Describe/explain.” – Becky Since I’ve been living in the South, I find that more and more I have a knee-jerk prejudice toward people who try to cram their religion down my throat. I used to be willing to listen to someone who’d knock on my door and try to tell me how it is, but now I have no patience at all. As soon as I hear anyone say anything at all about church, going to church, or anything church-related, I stop listening immediately. As far as feeling prejudice aimed toward me? Sure, I’m a fat woman who dares to go out into public. People take one look at me and are certain that I sit on my ass on the couch all day long cramming Twinkies into my mouth. Clearly I don’t exercise at all, and as far as eating healthy, balanced meals? Sh’yeah. 4. “You suddenly notice a doorway in your home that you’ve never noticed before. You open it and find your room! Describe it.” – Carrie It would be a small, cozy room; there would be large windows on two of the walls, and the third and fourth walls would be floor-to-ceiling bookcases stocked with books and magazines I hadn’t yet read. The walls would be painted a very light shade of yellow. In one corner would be a chaise longue with a couple of fluffy pillows and a warm quilt. There’d be a small refrigerator near the chaise longue stocked with bottles of water and cans of Diet Coke. In another corner of the room would be an overstuffed chair, and scattered on the floor in various spots would be cat beds, because you KNOW a room can’t belong to me without a sleeping cat or two nearby. 5. “Pick a song that can make you cry every time you hear it and explain the reason why it does.” – Cricket This would probably be a shorter list if you’d asked which songs DON’T make me cry! A song guaranteed to make me tear up every time would be Beloved Wife by Natalie Merchant, because of the lines A depth so deep/ Into my grief/ Without my beloved soul/ I renounce my life/ As my right/ Now alone without my beloved wife/ My beloved wife. Who doesn’t want to be loved like that? And no one else on earth could have done that song justice the way Natalie Merchant does. You were the love For certain of my life You were simply my beloved wife I don’t know for certain How I’ll live my life Now alone without my beloved wife My beloved wife I can’t believe I’ve lost the very best of me You were the love For certain of my life You were simply my beloved wife I don’t know for certain How I’ll live my life Now alone without my beloved wife My beloved wife I can’t believe I’ve lost the very best of me You were the love For certain of my life For 50 years simply my beloved wife With another love I’ll never lie again It’s you I can’t deny It’s you I can’t defy A depth so deep Into my grief Without my beloved soul I renounce my life As my right Now alone without my beloved wife My beloved wife My beloved wife My love is gone she suffered long In hours of pain My love is gone Now my suffering begins My love is gone Would it be wrong if I should Surrender all the joy in my life Go with her tonight? My love is gone she suffered long In hours of pain My love is gone Would it be wrong if I should Just turn my face away from the light Go with her tonight? 6. “If you could, in retrospect, change one thing about your childhood, what would it be?” – Danielle I’d have a mother who knew how to be consistent about anything at all. 7. “What was your first job?” – Debbie I was a carhop/ waitress at the Hi-Hat III drive-in restaurant in Lisbon, Maine for about a year, starting at the age of 15. Surprisingly, I found that I was pretty good at dealing with the public (and got even better after I quit that job and started working at McDonald’s). It was a pretty good job, although my boss was a bit of an ass. It’s because of that job that I’m an excellent tipper today – many times I busted my ass waiting on someone only to get no tip at all. Bastards. 8. “Explain the name of your journal. How’d you come up with it?” Fred came up with it, actually. We were sitting around trying to come up with the right name, and as soon as he said it, I knew it was perfect. 9. “Describe your bedroom when you were 17. And now?” – HMW I really don’t remember much about my bedroom when I was 17, except that it was in the basement of the house where my parents live today, and I couldn’t leave clothes on the floor because they’d start growing mold in less than a day. My bedroom now is about as perfect as it could be. I’ve got a queen-sized bed, the walls are a warm cream color, I’ve got a chair in the corner of the room where I sit and read every morning after I’m out of the shower (because you can’t go directly from showering to getting dressed; bras are impossible if you try to put them on when you’re still damp). There’s a bookcase full of books I haven’t read yet, and a TV with a VCR and DVD player across the room from the bed. Also, I’m slowly starting (after 3 1/2 years!) to hang things on the wall, which really makes the room a little more cozy. 10. “What does being a woman mean to you?” – Jenn Being able to create and sustain life. And never being able to walk down a street at night without fear. 11. “Name one thing you to did today that made you step outside your comfort zone.” – Jolene Not a damn thing – I live pretty much inside my comfort zone and don’t venture out of it too often. Isn’t that sad? 12. “If you could do anything, knowing that money, opportunity, talent, etc. weren’t considerations, what would you do for a living?” – Katherine I’d be a pop star! I can’t sing worth a shit, but I sure would love to be able to! 13. “When you’re feeling down, what can you always count on to cheer you up again (even if only temporarily)?” – Kathy 14. “When you’re having a bad day, what do you find most comforting?” – Lissa Having the spud fill me in on all the gossip from school, snuggling with Fred for a little while, or picking up and cuddling with Miz Poo or Mister Boogers are all guaranteed to make me happy. 15. “Have you ever had a friendship go sour? If so, describe what happened to tear you apart.” – Lynda The only friendship that comes to mind is my friendship with Denise. We were good friends when I was a senior in high school and for the few years after, but Denise is one of those holier-than-thou people who tends to look down on everyone, and I guess she decided I wasn’t good enough for her, because she just kind of cut off all communication at some point. Can’t say I much miss her. (Denise story: Liz and I were taking college classes on the Navy base in Brunswick, and Denise said “I told my mother you two were taking classes, and she got mad and said ‘You’re smarter than either of THOSE TWO, you should be taking classes, too!'”, and then gave us a look that made it clear that she agreed. Um, I think NOT. There’s a difference between being SMART and being A KNOW-IT-ALL. That’s okay, though – I got my revenge when Denise, Liz and I took a history class together. She got a D, and me? I got an A. HA!) 16. “Using MapBlast or MapQuest, find the distance between your current home and your hometown (or, if you moved a lot while growing up, your birthplace). How many miles or kilometers separate you from that place now?” – Melissa 1401.1 miles. Mapblast claims it would take me 20 hours to drive from here to there. I bet I could do it in 18! 17. “What would be your ideal job?” – Nance I think the job I’ve got now is pretty damn cushy. Aside from this job, though, any job that would let me traipse through someone else’s house and check out how they have it decorated would be the perfect job for me – realtor, cable installer, housecleaner, house appraiser. The list goes on! 18. “Do you Google people you know or come in contact with, and do you think Googling people is a good thing?” – Noreen I Google people all the time, both people I went to school with, and people I meet currently. I think Google is THE SHIT. 19. “If there was one thing you could change about yourself, personality-wise, what would it be and why?” – Reb I’d be less of a phone-phobic, and I’d be less worried about going into new situations. (Yeah, that’s two. So sue me!) 20. “How does your current life differ from what you thought it would be like when you were 10? How (if at all) is it the same?” – Me When I was 10, I thought I was going to be a veterinarian, and married to Donny Osmond. I had a very elaborate scheme wherein I would move to Utah, down the street from where Donny lived, and I would casually walk by his house, and he would be immediately struck by love, and he would run out of his house and sweep me in my arms and we’d run away and get married and live happily ever after and I would be the TOTAL envy of every woman in America. Suffice it to say that I’m not a vet and I’m not married to Donny Osmond. I think that Donny and I are probably both better off for it. I also didn’t think, when I was 10, that I would have any kids, despite the fact that Donny Osmond would probably have required me to have a thousand of them. 21. “If someone were to gossip about you, what do you think they would say?” – Say-Say “My god she’s a spaz. Boring, too!” 22. “If you could spend 24 hours living the life of one other person, just for fun and the sake of seeing how someone else lives and feels, who would it be?” – Sherry I think I’d like to be a guy for 24 hours. A good-looking guy who could get any woman he wants. Ooh! I’d like to be Brad Pitt, that’s who. Then I’d know exactly what was going on with Brad and Jen, and whether he really was fooling around with Angelina Jolie. Also, I’d be interested to see what it’d be like to be unable to go out to the store without being swarmed by the paparazzi. Also, I’d find out what it’s like to walk around with a penis. To quote Elaine from Seinfeld, “I don’t know how you guys walk around with those things.”

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