reading: Death in Bloodhound Red. Finished last night: Watch Me. Not a bad book for one that’s almost ten years old. The main character has a laptop, and all I could think was “My GOD, I bet that thing was huge!” Certainly worth a read, if you get it for 50 cents at a garage sale, the way we did.

* * *
Reader Aly sent this to me and it cracked me up:
I can’t imagine why it made her think of me, though!
* * *
Pet store kitty pics from this morning are here.
* * *
And with that said, I’m taking the rest of the week off from the journal. Yes, everything’s fine – it’s just that there’s really not much going on to write about (not that that usually stops me!), and I still haven’t completely caught up on my television-watching (priorities, you know!). Also, this house needs some serious cleaning, so I’m going to spend the rest of the week cleaning and cross-stitching in front of the TV. I’ll be back next Monday – but until then, I leave you with what is undoubtedly the best cat picture I have EVER taken.
It’s even better in the huge full-sized version. ]]>