Bonnie sent me the Easter design, so I switched things around. Thanks again, Jolie!

* * *
This is how Fred spent a good part of the weekend recovering:
We dragged the chair from the computer room to the living room, so he could kick back and watch TV and snooze. Of course, we moved a piece of furniture in the house, which had the cats ALL interested, so he wasn’t sitting alone in that chair for long.
And, as always, when those two are within a mile of each other, there inevitably came time for some smackage.
First, Mister Boogers approaches Miz Poo to let her know that he thinks he’s the boss of her, and could kick her ass without thinking twice… …and then she smacks the shit out of him, and he closes his eyes and smacks blindly at her, never ever ever landing a single smack on the portly Poo.
We watched the first season of The Office, and really liked it (I liked it more than Fred did, but he’s willing to watch Season 2 with me). We watched a bunch of Yes, Dear reruns and enjoyed them as well. Sunday, Fred and the spud watched Blade: Trinity, and I went upstairs and watched Birth. For a movie that feels like it’s 63 hours long, Birth wasn’t bad at all. I like Nicole Kidman and think she’s gawjuss, so I didn’t mind the slo-mo closeups of her. It probably helped that I spend the first 45 minutes of the movie answering email on the laptop, too. I’ll be glad when Fred is all healed up, because he spent the entire weekend either with his hands down his pants, adjusting himself, or picking at a jockstrap-induced wedgie. Not a pleasant sight.
* * *
Meme, seen everywhere. I don’t even remember where I stole it from. Name four books on your bookshelf: I bet this would be easier if I listed four books that aren’t on my bookshelf! Okay, from memory, there are: Alone, by Lisa Gardner Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress, by Susan Jane Gilman Dry: A Memoir, by Augusten Burroughs (also, Magical Thinking and Running with Scissors) Fat Girl: A True Story, by Judith Moore Name four DVDs in your collection: Xanadu Sex and the City (Season 1) Once and Again, Season 1 (Season 2 is coming out in August! Whoo!) Jesus Christ, Superstar (J�r�me Pradon as Judas absolutely kicks ass) Name four things on your walls: (This is better done through pictures, I think)
The “Mad Bluebird” picture Debbie cross-stitched for me Christmas of 2003. One of the last pictures taken of Tubby. The first picture of Miz Poo, taken with the camera we currently have. (Nance printed it out, framed it, and sent it to me!) One of my favorite spud school pictures. Last year? Maybe the year before. Adorable, isn’t she?
Name four things in your wardrobe: (Another one better shown than described)
I wear this to the pet store every Monday morning. The light gray doesn’t show cat hair too badly, and it’s a cat-themed t-shirt. The top square says “This is your brain”, and the bottom says “This is your brain on drugs.” That’s the 9 Chickweed Lane cat. The MOST comfortable sweatshirt EVER. It’s about two sizes too big for me, and when I’m cold I put it on and warm up immediately. Nope, still haven’t gotten rid of my crappy, hole-y nightgown. I just can’t bear to part with it! I know I’ll have to one day soon, but it’s the most comfortable nightgown I’ve ever had. This is an old man’s button-up shirt that’s too big for me. When I’m cold I put it on over whatever I’m wearing. Can you tell that the key word when describing my wardrobe is “comfort”?
Name four artists in your music collection: Del Amitri Jude Cole The Warren Brothers Tori Amos Name four real life stores you shop at regularly: Publix The Dollah Store Target PetSmart Name four things in your bag:
My wallet A tube of Blistex My calendar (which Nance sent me – but I put my favorite picture of Fred and I to cover the picture that was already on the front of the calendar. Heh.) My cell phone. As long as I have those four things, I’m all set.
* * *
“HOOOOOOOOOly CRAP! You weren’t kidding about his breath!”
* * *