* * * *AMAZING RACE SPOILERS. SKIP TO THE NEXT SECTION IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE SEASON FINALE YET* Oh, man. We were SO pulling for Rob and Ambah at the end! If nothing else, this show proves that the slightest thing can keep you from winning. Or that you can come from very last place and still win, like Joyce and Uchenna did. I said at one point that I’d prefer Rob and Ambah or Joyce and Unchenna to win. Like I said, we were pulling more for Rob and Ambah than Joyce and Unchenna, but I am just THRILLED OUT OF MY GOURD that Ron and Kelly didn’t win. I mean, what the hell? They’re in the middle of a race for a million dollars and she wants to discuss the state of their relationship? They were both pretty unlikeable, at least to me. Joyce and Unchenna are really nice people and they ran a nice race. I guess nice guys don’t always finish last, eh? When does the next season start, anyone know?

* * *
We have, lately, taken to recording episodes of South Park and watching them when nothing else is on. That is one FUNNY fucking show. Yeah, it can be offensive, but they’re equal opportunity offenders and they don’t hesitate to skewer ANYONE, so it’s really our kind of show. Last night there was nothing on – we don’t bother to watch the American Idol results show, because it’s nothing but fluff, and we can just watch the last ten seconds of the show, or find out who left online – so we watched the “Death Camp of Tolerance” episode. It was a pretty funny one, but there was this whole subplot that involved a gerbil – Lemmiwinks – who had to find his way out of a gay man’s ass (what? I DIDN’T CREATE THE STORYLINE, DON’T LOOK AT ME!) and it involved a song and a helmet torch and a sparrow king and a talking frog, and at one point I looked at Fred and I said “Just how many drugs were these guys DOING?”, because I imagined Trey Parker and Matt Stone, smoking pot and snorting coke and shooting heroin simultaneously, and coming up with this storyline. I mean, it was clearly the result of a LOT of drugs, and some obviously disturbed minds as well. Then, this morning, I did some looking around online and found that the whole gerbil’s journey was an homage to The Hobbit. No wonder we didn’t get it. All the South Park watching has gotten me in the mood to watch Cannibal! The Musical again. There are some seriously good songs in that movie. Say what you will about Trey Parker, the man can write a catchy tune. Hey, look! Another South Park Robyn!
Make your own here. I save mine by using the “print screen” button and pasting into paint shop pro, then cropping down so only the picture is showing. There might be a better way, but if so I don’t know about it.
* * *
Pet store kitty pics from Monday are here.
* * *
Spot had to go to the vet yesterday. Fred got home from work, put the cat carrier on the table, and went upstairs to change clothes. Ten seconds later, I heard a thump, and went out to investigate. I’m sure you know what I found.