Hobbies Dsc01896 Cats. Can caring for and falling in love with the sweetest little kittens in the world be called a hobby? I think it can. If lovin’ the babies is wrong, I don’t a-wanna be right. Reading. You knew that. Cross-stitching. I spent the first five months of the year working on these little ornaments (which will be put up on the giveaway page in the next few months), and since I finished the last one, I haven’t cross-stitched at all. I’m trying to decide what I want to do next, is my excuse. I always do this – cross-stitch like mad for months and months, and then stopping for a long time before picking it up again. This website. That website. That one, too. Oh, and that one. Hey, I never said I was talented at it. In fact, that’s one ugly website right there, but it serves its purpose. Worrying. At the moment, I’m worrying about Flossie, Mia, and Peanut, who are at the vet being spayed and neutered. I’ve spent more time fussing and worrying over these kittens than you can imagine, but when they go to be adopted, I’ll find other things to worry about. You might think you worry, but I, my friends, am the worrying queen. I worry about things going on in my life, but I also worry about things going on in YOUR life (if you have a blog or journal, that is). And if a character in a book is fucking up his life? I practically get ulcers, I worry so much. Actually, I’m surprised I don’t have ulcers. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Jumping to conclusions. (Fred’s desk) Resisting temptation… and giving in, all too often. Singing. Badly. Very, very badly. I couldn’t carry a tune if I had a bucket to put it in. Ignoring housework that badly needs to be done. Taping cheesy shows and watching them… …and taping good shows and never quite getting around to watching them. Buying cat toys. Which the cats scatter all over the house, and then ignore. Dsc03373 Taking pictures. I know I get some really good pictures, but I’m not really all that skilled at it. If you give a monkey a camera and teach him to snap pictures at random, I can guarantee you he’ll get some good ones, almost by accident. I probably erase two – if not more – for each one I keep. It’s the ones that come out really good that keep me taking pictures. Thank god for digital cameras, that’s all I can say. Using an HTML editor to teach myself basic HTML. Unfortunately it goes in one brain cell and out the other. I tend not to retain the knowledge I gain. Yelling at the cats to get off the table. And pretending they’ll listen. DSC04067 Missing the ocean.]]>