reading: Velocity, by Dean Koontz. Finished last night: Girl Boy Etc., by Michael Weinreb. Bor-ring. I don’t recommend this book; I had the hardest time finishing it because it didn’t hold my interest at all. And all the stories were girl-boy relationship-type stories, which usually interest me. Not this time. This is the first Red Dress Ink book written by a male author, and I think Red Dress Ink screwed the pooch on this one.

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Since I’ve not got a damn thing to write about today, I’ll go through the comments I’ve saved and answer some of them. Why do men have nipples? I will assume that is Fred’s…the fucker 🙂 That’s regarding this picture:
Actually, Why Do Men Have Nipples? is my book. I bought it after I read about it in a magazine, ’cause I thought it sounded interesting. And the answer to why men have nipples: we all start out in a similar way in the embryo, following the female template until around 6 weeks, when a male embryo’s male sex chromosome kicks in and it starts to develop its male characteristics, which is why men have nipples and also some breast tissue. I haven’t actually read the book, but I’m sure I’ll have more interesting tidbits to share with y’all along the way. I found this site, which says your blog is worth a LOT more than $25,000.

My blog is worth $40,082.34.
How much is your blog worth?

I got another email from someone claiming to be interested in buying Bitchypoo.com. I emailed both of the people back and told them that, depending on the terms, I’d entertain any offers over $25,000. Surprisingly, I haven’t heard back from either of them. Heh! How do you get those great pictures of the cats yawning? They are the best! Mostly, I hang out where the cats are sleeping (actually, they sleep where I spend the day, so it works out well!), and when they start moving around after they’ve been napping for a while, I get the camera ready, because have you ever seen a cat wake up and NOT stretch and yawn? I should point out again that for every picture I post, I probably delete three. Thank god for digital cameras, because if I had to pay to have every picture I took printed – like back in the olden days – I’d be constantly broke. You guys originally decided to keep M-O-O-N for the enjoyment of Meester Boogers, but you haven’t really said if they’ve hit if off yet & are playing together & Sugarbutt, too?? Tom Cullen and Sugarbutt play with each other the majority of the time, but Mister Boogers gets in there and tussles with them, too. I think that now that the kittens are getting bigger, Mister Boogers isn’t scared he’ll break them. I’ve come upon Mister Boogers play-fighting with both Tom Cullen and Sugarbutt recently, and I’m pleased to announce that both the kittens were able to hold their own. I noticed you’re an avid reader. Is anything you are reading close to how Jennifer Weiner writes. I love her books and am out of something to read so I thought you might have a suggestion….. I very highly recommend Conversations with the Fat Girl, by Liza Palmer (who, by the way, has a blog!). I almost never keep the books I read (if I kept every book I read, there’d be no room in this house for people OR cats), but I’m keeping this one. I also really enjoyed We Thought You Would be Prettier, by Laurie Notaro – it made me laugh out loud several times, and I actually think it’s the best of her books. Other books in the Chick Lit genre I’d recommend: The Next Big Thing, by Johanna Edwards, Horseplay, by Judy Reene Singer, Cold Feet, a book of short stories by various authors, and anything by Janet Evanovich. If anyone else has recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments. If you’re looking for Chick Lit, Red Dress Ink usually puts out some pretty good stuff. Sometimes they’ll put out a clunker (see above regarding Girl Boy Etc.), but for the most part I usually enjoy most of the books they put out. Hmm. Those are the only comments I was saving, apparently. If anyone has a burning question they must have answered (or something you’re just curious about) feel free to leave a comment, and next time I’ve got nothin’ to write about, I’ll answer it!
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Last night I woke in the middle of the night, and I had Sugarbutt draped over my head, Tom Cullen perched on my hip, Mister Boogers curled up behind my knees, and Miz Poo curled up in the small of my back. I guess it’s a good thing that Fred and I sleep in separate beds; there’s no room for him in mine! Nicknames we’ve given Sugarbutt lately: “Shoogie” (to rhyme with “Boogie”, which is what we call Mister Boogers sometimes), and “Doo McGillicuddy”. Don’t ask. Also, we’ve referred to Mister Boogers as “Boogerbutt” more than once recently. Well, well, well. Look who’s a big tough talker, but when the can of whoopass is opened and a little orange kitten gets to smackin’, guess who cowers like a great big girly-man. Smackdown in action. One should always stretch well after a smackdown is completed. Well, really. What better place to take a bath? All of today’s uploaded pictures – including more Sugarbutt vs. Mister Boogers pictures – are here.
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