* * * When the spud was very small – probably around a year old – she loved to go into my parents’ bedroom, and press the button on top of their radio/ alarm clock. When she pressed the button, music would come on and she would get the funniest, most serious look on her face, freeze for a moment, and then begin shaking her butt back and forth in time to the music. It was hilarious, and I think I even got it on tape at some point. Back when Tubby died, a reader sent me a collage picture frame with pictures of Tubby in it, and “Meh!” written by some of the pictures. I immediately hung it up by my monitor, and it’s been there ever since.

Not only do I like having it there because it reminds me of Tubby, and it’s got some of Tubby’s best pictures in it, but I also like it because it’s a reflective surface, and I can use it to see if someone’s sneaking up on me (Fred used to sneak up on me from the kitchen and scare the holy hell out of me all the time, but now I can see him coming, and I remain unfrightened) or if someone’s in the kitchen making a lot of noise, I can glance in the reflection of the picture frame glass to see what’s going on. The other night the spud was cleaning the kitchen after dinner. As she usually does, she had the radio going and was singing along with it. I glanced at the picture frame to see what she was doing, and saw that she was wiping down the table. And as I watched, she was apparently very moved by the music, and she stopped for a moment, stared off into space with the most serious expression on her face, and then slowly began to dance to the music. Unlike when she was small, she moved her whole body this time, but she maintained her serious expression as she danced, and I thought for a moment of picking up the camera to make a movie of her dancing so I could show Fred, but you can’t capture every little moment on tape, sometimes you’ve just gotta enjoy the moment as it happens. She did a few moments of a dance move approximating the Cabbage Patch, then the song ended and walked off to finish her chores.
* * *
I spent – LITERALLY – all day Saturday in front of the computer reading this blog. (I would actually call it more of a journal, but I guess it’s time to just give it the hell up and accept that people call all personal-type web sites “blogs” now, and stop fighting the inevitable. Even though my site will always and forever be a “journal” to me, and not a “blog.” NOT A BLOG. But you can call it a blog, that’s okay, I’ll only flinch a little.) I love it when you find a blog and just can’t stop reading it – in a good way, I should add. I have no clue on earth how I discovered the site, maybe a link from another site?, but I’m glad I did. It made my Saturday pass in a very pleasant way.
* * *
The boy with the ‘tude. Miz Poo was sleeping in Fred’s desk chair, and Tom Cullen was absolutely fascinated by her. She was sound asleep, but he just couldn’t take his eyes off her. Maybe she was twitching in her sleep.
All of today’s uploaded pics can be seen here.
* * *
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