* * * You know, I get the idea behind podcasts, and I understand that some of them are probably pretty cool, but here’s the thing – I can’t stand listening to or watching anything while sitting at my computer that’s longer than two or three minutes. Movie trailers, funny (short) videos, and the occasional movie clip is just fine, but anything longer than that, I just refuse to watch or listen to. I get antsy if I listen to anything longer than that. I don’t usually listen to music at my computer unless I’m doing something that requires little concentration, and if Fred sends me a link to something longer than a few minutes, I’ll watch a few minutes of it, then turn it off. I just don’t consider the computer to be the place to sit and watch stuff, I don’t know why. Probably because there’s always something I could be doing – reading a journal entry, organizing this that or th’other, whatever. Of course, now that I have a portable CD player that also plays MP3s, I could always just burn them to a disc and listen to them while I exercise…

* * *
Miz S asked in my comments yesterday: Is it true that male cats are nicer than female cats, generally speaking? I figure you should know since you have A HERD of cats over there. If our cats are anything to go by, then I would say that yes, male cats are nicer than female cats. But then, we only have the one female cat to go by, and she’s always more than willing to reach out and smack the shit out of her brothers. For instance, if she walks into the bathroom – where the cat food dishes are – and there’s a cat in front of each food dish (there are two food dishes, because we serve our cats four – YES, FOUR – different kinds of food*) and she can’t get to the food dish, she’ll sniff the behind of one of the cats at the food bowls. And if they ignore her, she’ll sniff again. And she’ll keep sniffing until one of the cats who is eating thinks “Is something touching my behind?”, and they’ll turn around to look at her, and she will SMACK THE HOLY HELL out of them. She’s pure evil. On the other hand, she’s the only cat who will come sit in your lap if you call her. The other cats are always all “Yeah, I don’t feel like it. Go blow it out your ass, Chuckles”, but Miz Poo will ALWAYS come sit in your lap, give you a look o’ love, and purr very loudly. Until we got Sugarbutt, she was also the only cat who would snuggle with me at night. Sugarbutt will snuggle with me at night (on his own timetable, you understand), but during the day he’s anti-snuggle. So, in summary, if we are to judge all female cats by Miz Poo, then male cats are nicer, but female cats are clingier. I’m sure other readers have opinions on this particular subject. Got an opinion? Leave a comment! *In one bowl we mix Science Diet Kitten food and… crap. I don’t remember what we mix with the Science Diet Kitten. Purina One Urinary Tract Health, maybe? Yeah, I think that’s it. And in the other bowl we mix Science Diet Adult with Nutro Max Senior. Because we spoil our cats rotten, in case you hadn’t noticed.
“Hallelujah and praise the lord for belly rubs! CAN I GET A WITNESS?!” “Bwahahaha! Mom thinks she’s going to sit at her computer and type things, but she CAN’T. What does “rapidly portlifying ass” mean, anyway? I think it must be a compliment. Maybe it means “prettiest cat ever”? I always knew I was Mom’s favorite.” “Incredibly good-looking SNOK (single neutered orange kitty) looking for someone to snuggle with. My heterosexual life partner, Tommy, comes as part of the package. I like long walks in the back yard (not too close to the fence, please!), a good stiff snort of catnip every now and then (I have a good supplier), snacks at 7 pm sharp, and peanut-diving when the opportunity arises. No bitchy head-smacking torties need apply. Respond to sugar.buttocks@gmail.com with picture.”
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