Discussion about 24 in this section. Skip it if you haven’t seen last night’s episode. I have only one thing to say about last night’s 24: for the brief moment when it appeared as though Aaron was dead, I was far, FAR more upset than I was about Palmer dying in the first episode. I LOVE me some Aaron. He’s one of the unwavering, absolute, without-a-doubt good guys. It’s weird to see him being a bit of an ass on the first season of CSI (as the sheriff). Also, how much does Jean Smart rock? She ROCKS. Can we get her back as president next season, maybe?

* * *
Thanks to both Yvonne, who informed me that I could download Sunday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy on SendSpace.com, and Veronica, who recommended I try YouTube.com. Y’all rock! I downloaded it from SendSpace.com, burned it to a DVD, and I’ll be watching it later today. Yay! So, was Desperate Housewives a rerun this week? I’m not seeing it on iTunes anywhere, and there appears to be no recap or discussion about it on MightyBigTV TelevisionWithoutPity.
* * *
Yesterday was one of those days. You know those days that start out good, but at a certain point you realize that everything you’ve done the entire days has been a great big fuckup or a struggle to finish? Yeah, one of those days. It started out really well, because I woke up to the sun shining, and I got out of bed and puttered around the house for a little while, then got my jacket on and went for a walk. I was a little annoyed by my CD/ MP3 player, because it skipped a lot during my walk (yes, it has skip protection, and it doesn’t work all that well; I CANNOT WAIT to get my iPod. It should be here tomorrow!), but other than that, it was a nice day out. When I got home from my walk, I went into the kitchen to make my breakfast, and immediately dropped an egg on the floor. And when I was wiping it up, I managed somehow to smack Sugarbutt right in the face, poor baby. By the time I tracked him down and soothed him, the pan on the stove in the kitchen was smoking (I’d put it on the stove and set the temperature on medium before I dropped the egg). I managed to clean the pan out and respray the Pam and and cook my eggs with no further problems. And then I sat at my computer and tried to write my entry, only my computer was super slow, and it took FORFUCKINGEVER – TWO HOURS! – to write it, because there were links I need to add to the entry, and I couldn’t connect to Flickr, and in the end I sat at Fred’s computer and finished up my entry, because HIS COMPUTER was working JUST FINE, of course. So I said “Fuck you, you piece of shit!” to my computer and shut it down, and went upstairs. Where I changed the sheets on my bed and on Fred’s. When I reached down to grab my comforter off the floor to put it back on the bed, Sugarbutt fell out (I didn’t know he was there!) and went tumbling across the floor into the wall. I guess if Sugarbutt had a journal, he’d be writing about how yesterday wasn’t his day, either. I comforted Sugarbutt again (with my luck, he’s going to start flinching when I reach for him) and then went into Fred’s room. Only I didn’t shut the door to Fred’s room fast enough, and Mister Boogers hauled ass through the door, and I had to spend ten minutes chasing his stupid ass around – I think his stump of a tail allows him to move faster than any other cat. Lack of wind resistance? – before I caught him and tossed him back out. Then I knocked over the stack of pillows, which I had piled up carefully beside the bed in a certain order, because Fred likes his pillows just so, and with them all knocked over, I didn’t know what went where, so I just guessed, and no doubt when Fred reads this, he’ll call me and say “Now I know why I didn’t sleep very well last night!” With the beds changed, I went into the laundry room to put the first load of sheets in, only there was laundry in the washer, so I put it in the dryer, shut the dryer door, and started the dryer. And then there was this thumping sound – way louder than the sound of laundry tumbling around – and an instant later, a sound as though Satan himself was tumbling around in the dryer and he WASN’T HAPPY hit my ears, and I screamed and opened the dryer door, and Tom Cullen shot out as though Satan was after HIM, and he hid under my bed for a good ten minutes, all fluffed up from head to toe (hey, that dryer is GOOD, it can fluff a cat in three seconds flat!) and trembling. Now, I always – ALWAYSALWAYSALWAYS – look in the dryer before I shut the dryer door and start the dryer, because Sugarbutt and Tom Cullen always get all excited when I’m in there, like little kids who want to show off their bedroom “Look, Mom! This is where we keep the poop! Doesn’t it stink? Ain’t it great?!”, and I’ve always worried that one of them would get shut in the dryer and be tumbled around, I’m practically paranoid about it, and TODAY IT HAPPENED. And it scared the shit out of me. Also, I’m worried that Tommy will start pooping in the closet because he’s too scared to go into the laundry room and I’ll have to kill him. So I soothed Tommy for a little while, then went off to take my shower. And given how my morning had gone thus far, do you think that when I thought “I should shave my legs”, I rethought that thought and thought better of it? Why, no. I shaved my legs, and I ripped a nice long piece of skin from the back of my right calf and cut up my ankles AND my armpit. The left one. Annnnnnnnd then I went downstairs to soothe my troubles in front of Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy, but as I mentioned in my entry yesterday, the STUPID DVR didn’t tape either of them for some freakin’ reason UNKNOWN TO ME (that’s what I get for not double-checking to be sure they were taping, I suppose), and all I had was one sad little episode of Runway Moms and Oprah. I watched them and cross-stitched, and apparently there’s some kind of magic in cross-stitching, because after that my day improved. Though probably what this entry really needs for a closer is a story about how Mister Boogers and the kittens brought in a bird and viciously killed it while I sat, oblivious, ten feet away watching TV.
Working out is exhausting. “Bob!” “I say, BOB! Bob, where the fuck ARE you?!” “If that little BITCH doesn’t stop calling me BOB, I am going to go in there and kick his fucking ASS.”
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