I had him bring the vacuum cleaner down from upstairs, and then spent quite a while vacuuming up the cobwebs from the baseboards and tray ceiling, and one very long spider web strand that stretched between a corner of the living room and the ceiling fan in the center of the room. Once I was done with that he started disconnecting all the electronics from the TV, and I made breakfast for both of us – onion, spinach, mushroom and cheese omelets – and then we ate. He managed to pull the table upon which the TV set sat so that it was right next to one of the couches, and we each took a side and gently leaned the TV on the couch, then covered it with quilts so the cats wouldn’t scratch it up. Then I vacuumed where the TV had been, checked to make sure there was nothing else I could help with, and headed upstairs to take my shower.

With surprisingly little interference from the cats, he painted the living room and was done in a little less than two hours. So he went for a hike, of course. This morning, he stayed home and waited for the carpet guys to show up, while I went to the pet store and did my thing. By the time I got home, they’d been there for 45 minutes, had pulled up the carpet from the living room and stairs, and were doing… whatever comes next. Fred left for work as soon as I showed up, and I sat in front of the computer while the guys worked on the carpet. There were a total of four guys, and I think there were two guys in the living room and two guys on the stairs. They finished sometime after 11:00 and one of them offered to vacuum the carpet, but I told him I’d do it myself, and then it was just a matter of paying them and wishing them a good day. The stairs and the living room look about 63,000 times better, cheap carpet or no. Even Fred admitted that the stairs look a lot better with the new carpet. Think he’d notice if I contracted to have the rest of the house done? They could do it while he was at work!
The hideous, butt-ugly, god-I-hate-it Berber carpet. This picture does no justice to the hideousness of the damn thing. The new, cheap, only-gotta-last-a-year carpet. I like it a LOT more than the Berber. I don’t have a “before” picture of the stairs, but just imagine an ugly, stained, matted carpet from hell and then multiply it by a thousand. The spud has been informed that she’s not allowed to wear shoes on the stairs for the time being. The first time a cat barfs on the stairs, I’m going to commit murder, I swear it.
When Fred got home yesterday afternoon we started the job of moving everything back into its place, which took us about an hour. Fred was stunned and kept saying “It went together a whole lot faster than it came apart!”, and then I pointed out that he had help putting it back together (not a LOT of help, since I’m weak as a newborn kitten, apparently, and could only lift the couch and move it about six inches at a time). And now my living room looks awesome, and I’m not ashamed to have him invite his parents over to watch a movie with us!
* * *
Woohoo! The spud had a job interview at a local fast food restaurant (you’ll forgive me, stalkers, if I don’t name the place), and she got the job! And she goes for orientation tomorrow! And she starts (she thinks) this weekend! Yay!
* * *
Something has caught the Tommy’s attention. Is that a happy cat, or what?
All of today’s uploaded pictures are hither.
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