People Envy Your Compassion

You have a kind heart and an unusual empathy for all living creatures. You tend to absorb others’ happiness and pain.
People envy your compassion, and more importantly, the connections it helps you build. And compassionate as you are, you feel for them.
* * *
You Should Be a Film Writer
You don’t just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!
Yeah, I don’t know about that second one.
* * *
I talked to my brother on the phone for a while last evening. He was driving to Annapolis, MD (he lives in Maryland, at least for the next few weeks) to spend the night, because he’d never been there and wanted to visit the town while he was still living close enough to drive to it. He had me absolutely drooling to visit it, because he kept saying what a pretty little town it is. And I thought “There are no pretty little towns in ALABAMA, damnit!” But, you know what, I bet there are. Surely there are pretty little towns I could visit and spend the day on Main Street poking through little shops, aren’t there? Then I remembered that Fred and I, back when we used to drive to Hartselle once a month to get our free-range chickens (the dead kind, meant for eating. Not the live kind meant for raising. In case you were wondering.) talked about spending the night at the cute little bed and breakfast we passed every time we drove into Hartselle, and then spending the next morning walking down Main Street (I don’t know that it was actually named Main Street, but it had a very Main Street feel to it) and checking out the antique shops. I’ll have to see if I can convince him to do that one weekend this summer, in and amongst the kayaking and the hiking and the day trip to Ocoee and the possible trip to Florida. So, Alabamans – what pretty little towns should I visit, and what’s good to do there? I think I’m going to try to actually get out and see some of this state, since I haven’t seen much of it so far in the 9 1/2 years I’ve lived here.
* * *
I have a Gilmore Girls DVD I’ve had for a couple of weeks, and haven’t watched any of it yet, and I also have that cheesy looking Jennifer Lopez/ Robert Redford movie that I think I’ve had for over a week and haven’t watched yet, either. There are several Dr. Phil and Oprah episodes cluttering up the DVR, along with the pilot episode of What About Brian? and last week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County as well. I was going to sit down Sunday afternoon (Fred’s shoulder was hurting, so we didn’t go kayaking as we’d planned to) and get some serious tv-watching done, but I just had NO desire to sit in front of the TV all afternoon. Lately I haven’t wanted to sit in front of the TV or the computer all that much, so on Sunday I ended up just sitting in the recliner and reading. I think I need to find myself a hobby. Maybe something to get me out of the house. Good lord… maybe I need… a JOB? Nah. That’s just crazy talk!
* * *
My E’gar is currently in the shop having his behind fixed. It took several days to get the parts ordered for him, and then we had to wait for the guy who hit my poor E’gar to mosey in to his insurance company and file a report (or somethin’), and then we waited for the check to come from the insurance company, and finally we got the check and the parts came in all at once, and so yesterday we dropped E’gar off and went to rent a car for me to drive for a few days, at the insurance company’s expense. By the way, here’s a shot of E’gar’s behind, if you missed it:
And the story of what happened to his poor behind. So anyway, as we pulled into the car rental place I saw a couple of Camrys and hoped I’d get one of those. But alas, it was not to be; I ended up with a Dodge Stratus. I do not care for the Dodge Stratus, only because (a) I feel like I have to practically get on my hands and knees to get into the car, it’s so much lower than my E’gar, and (b) I feel like the top of the car is resting directly on my head when I’m sitting in the driver’s seat. Also, (c) I feel like I can’t see as clearly out the front and sides, because the windows are smaller than E’gar’s. With E’gar, I barely have to bend down to get in the car, there’s tons of head room, and plenty of window room as well. Poor E’gar. I’ve barely had him more than a year, and this is the SECOND time he’s been in the body shop. I just love him to death, though. (Oh, and PS: We actually haven’t had any trouble with the insurance company at all. Things went pretty smoothly.)
* * *
A belly rub is a religious experience for Our Tommy. Doesn’t he look like he’s seeing God? “Run, Jack Bauer! Run!” Mister Boogers hates President Logan, but he’s got a soft spot for Martha Logan. Aaron, too.
All of today’s uploaded pictures are hither.
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