* * * Sorry, you guys, that I haven’t updated at all, really, since I’ve been here. I had such graaaaaand plans to do so, brought my laptop, spent two days figuring out how to hook up with my father’s wireless network (gave up a couple of times, but with the help of my brother and Fred, figured it out), brought the card reader with me… and just haven’t felt like writing. Urgh. I shopped my ass off (or thought I did, but it still appears to be there!), had my first pedicure, and have decided to make manicures and pedicures a regular part of my routine, to Nance‘s everlasting horror and Jane‘s cheers. (Yes, Nance, I COULD do my own mani/ pedi, except I couldn’t really. I’m a clumsy oaf who lacks the physical skills. You think I’m exaggerating, but I SO am not.) I had good intentions of exercising most mornings while I was here, started off pretty strong on Saturday morning when I woke up at 6 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got my ass out of bed and walked for four and a half miles. And that was the last time I did that, because I suddenly did NOT want to get my ass out of bed during any of the mornings after. So, don’t expect an entry anytime soon. There won’t be one Monday, because I’ll be leaving Portland in the afternoon and arriving home at bedtime. There might not be one on Tuesday, because I need to get laundry done, the house straightened out, and shit done. There will probably be an entry Wednesday, but if not there’ll definitely be one on Thursday. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation! Anyway, everything’s going okay for the time being. I’ll be seeing all my siblings and niece and nephews tonight; the spud leaves for home tomorrow afternoon (we’re flying home separately because I couldn’t get our flights synced up without paying $600 extra, and she has to be home Monday during the day to pick up her school schedule and pay school fees). I’m flying home Monday, and hopefully life will go back to normal in short order. I’m looking forward to getting home, I’ll tell you that much! See y’all on the flip side. ]]>