I let my mother pick out my color, ’cause there were way too many choices, and I was overwhelmed. My mother and I were standing in her closet and she opened a drawer filled with jewelry (she has jewelry for DAYS, too. At least two drawers full, and we’re not talking little drawers, either, we’re talking big, deep drawers) and I started trying on rings, asking her questions about various rings, where they came from, all that. I tried on the ring above and it fit perfectly, and I modeled it for her… and then she told me I could have it, if I wanted. Of COURSE I wanted. I fell in love with that ring as soon as I saw it, but I certainly never thought she’d just up and give it to me. Another side note about the pictures above. While I was in Maine, my ankles were SO FREAKIN’ SWOLLEN, especially the left one, that I swear to god it looked like they were wearing fat suits. My feet aren’t usually quite so swollen, and neither are my hands. In fact, my grandmother’s ring? I had to move it over to my middle finger, ’cause it’s too big for my ring finger. I still wear it every day, though. I LOVE THAT DAMN RING. Seriously? Seriously, folks? I never EVER thought I’d be this attached to jewelry that isn’t my engagement ring or wedding band. It’s like I’m turning into some sentimental type person I’ve never been before. Maybe it comes with getting old(er)? After our mani/ pedis, we headed back to my parents’ house where I either woke up the spud, or she was already up (I don’t recall), and then for lunch we had… lobster! My god how I love lobster. I could easily eat sixteen lobsters every single day and never ever get sick of them, I swear I could. We hung around the house for a little while, basically waiting for the corn I’d eaten to go through my system (though I lamely said “Well, let’s let our lunch settle!”, not that I was fooling anyone, I’m sure), and then my mother, the spud and I headed to Portland to walk around the Back Cove. I’ve actually never walked around the Back Cove, although every year when I visit, I always say “Next year we need to walk around the Back Cove!” Well, this year we did it. It was a nice walk (about 3 1/2 miles long), but it seemed kind of eternal, because it was hot as hell. And you know when I’m saying it’s hot, it must be like burning in the flames of Hell. Part of the path goes along the highway (95, if I recall correctly). On the other side of the highway, the B & M Baked Beans factory. And you can TELL they’re canning baked beans in there, ’cause it smells like a giant fart. But in a good way. Someone tell me what this is. Across the Back Cove. We took Benjie with us. After about three steps, he was a panting motherfucker. I bet it’s even hotter if you’re wearing a fur coat. Waiting for my mother to come out of the port-a-potty. She reported that it was nasty as hell, so we went across the street to Hanaford Brother’s (previously known as Shop ‘n Save) so I could use the bathroom. I used way too many port-a-potties on this trip, for the record, and if I never have to use another one in my LIFE, it’ll be too soon. What’s worse, having to use a port-a-potty, or having to use a port-a-potty WHILE YOU’RE HAVING YOUR PERIOD? I don’t know what this tree is, but it’s purty. Originally, the idea was that when we left Portland, we’d go back to my parents’ house, hang out for a little while, and then Debbie and Liz and I were going to go to The Seabasket for dinner, and maybe a few other places. We ended up having my mother drop me off at Debbie’s house, where we waited for Liz to show up, and then we headed out to The Seabasket. On the way to Debbie’s house, we were passed by this car on the highway. Which IMMEDIATELY made me think of an episode of The Shield (see #1 on that link). I looked carefully, but saw no evidence of Georgia joy juice, though. The Seabasket – home of THE BEST seafood, ever. If you’re going to Maine and will be anywhere within an hour, say, of Wiscasset, you’ve really gotta eat here. Make sure you check to see they’re open, though – they’re closed on Sundays and Mondays. I had the lobster roll and an unsweetened iced tea, which I highly recommend, and I recommend the lobster stew (wouldn’t have been a good choice for me, though, since I’m pretty sure it would have given me an upset stomach), but really – anything at all you get here is going to be damn fine. After we left The Seabasket, we went directly across the street to Big Al’s SuperValues store. It’s a huge store inside, and you just never know what you’re going to find. I ended up buying several sets of metal skewers, because they were so cheap (less than $1 for 6, I believe) and when we have grilled shrimp, the five skewers we already have just aren’t enough. At one point I found a chef’s hat, put it on, and walked up behind Liz to say “Shut it DOWN!” (We’re both fans of Hell’s Kitchen, and “Shut it down!” is something Gordon Ramsay says a LOT in the first several shows when the contestants aren’t working up to par and no one’s getting served, and he has a hissy fit and shuts down the kitchen.) Liz turned around, looked at me, and laughed LOUDLY. And the rest of the time we were in there I’d hear her giggling quietly about it, which would make me giggle, and then I’d have to walk away so I wouldn’t start guffawing. Yes, we’re dorks. Liz ended up buying the chef’s hat and wearing it for the rest of the evening and would randomly yell out “Shut it DOWN!” We stopped at Bookland in Brunswick so I could see if they had a paperback copy of I Know This Much is True (which I’ve read, but was overcome with the urge to read again). They did, and I ended up browsing through the store, and then Debbie called me on my cell phone and said “Liz says if you don’t come out here right now, she’s going to come in and yell “Stop looking at the porn, Robyn! Shut it DOWN!”, and I could hear Liz in the background giggling madly. I finished looking, paid for my purchases, and ran out the door, ’cause I KNEW she’d do it if I gave her reason to at all. We stopped by Shaw’s (a grocery store) because I’d run out of Splenda packets (I put Splenda in my iced tea in restaurants; not all restaurants have Splenda packets on the table, so I’ve taken to carrying a handful around in my purse), and I bought some of those, and water, and some nuts as well. Then we went back to Debbie’s and hung out for a little while, while Liz checked her email and signed up for something online. We left Debbie’s, and Liz dropped me off at my parents’, where I talked to Fred briefly and then fell, exhausted, into bed. All of today’s uploaded pictures can be seen here. Also, I’m going to add yesterday’s pictures to Flickr at some point today, I just need to go through them and edit a little. (The last of the recap will be up tomorrow!)

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