Mister Boogers did not react well when we brought That Dog into the house a few weeks ago. The day before we brought Jake home, Tommy and Mister Boogers could smell the doggy on Fred’s hand and found it FASCINATING. I think the daffodils don’t realize winter’s not over yet. The answer to my “What is this bush?” question of a few months ago: We have winter honeysuckle, one bush on each side of the porch, and it’s blooming. And it smells AWESOME, kind of lemony. I think those bushes will be staying. We had the water oak on the side of the house trimmed back. Fred was afraid it’d look funny, but I think it turned out pretty well. The pond, still full. Don’t you think that pond needs a few ducks? The sunset, from the front porch of the Smallville house. I’ve got a new purse, this one bought at a Liz Claiborne factory store in Pigeon Forge. I like it a lot, but I haven’t forsaken my beloved Healthy Back bags. I just need a bit of a break for a while before I realize how PERFECT the Healthy Back Bag is for me. Who wants Monkey Butt? NO ONE. I swear, she’s enjoying this. This would be the picture that convinced me it might be time to go down a size (to medium) in these pants. (Though I still haven’t done it yet!) If nothing else, looking at Debbie’s pictures from the trip to Pigeon Forge points up (to me, at least) the fact that I’m far more willing to have my picture taken than I was in the past. Hatin’ you. Tomorrow: Stuff I Didn’t Buy. (All of today’s uploaded pictures can be seen here.)

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Self-portrait #8:
At the age of 39, for the first time in my life I have a regular morning skin routine I’ve stuck to for longer than two months. I’m currently using the Grassroots line in the morning and evening, but I’m about to finish out the containers I have, so tell me what you use on your face and really like.
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