* * * If you love the cheesefest known as The Real Housewives of Orange County, you need to know that season 3 starts tonight! And speaking of cheesy TV, I did bring the Footballers Wives dvd inside and try it out on the DVD player inside. It plays fine on that player, so we need to get a decent one for the garage. I said to Fred, “I expect you to take care of this”, and he just shrugged and wandered off. Bastard. I need my cheesy TV while I’m exercising, DAMNIT.

* * *
I didn’t get a picture of it – I had no camera at hand – but the other night I was cleaning the kitchen, and when I was done I walked toward the computer room and on my way, I glanced into the laundry room, because I could hear the Litter Robot running. Newt was sitting, perfectly still, head cocked, watching the Litter Robot do its thing. Like it was Kitty TV or something. That Newt is about the cutest thing, and speaking of Newt (lately, I’ve been calling him “Monsieur Newtles” and Fred’s been calling him “Newt-a-lewt”) : The other night, he claimed Sugarbutt’s basket for himself. He’s good at that, claiming beds that other cats like to use for his own. For a cat who was absolutely terrified the first several times we lured him inside, he’s adapted far quicker than I would have imagined. Feet – or anything, really – moving around under the covers scare him, though. I had to get up at 4:00 the other morning to go to the bathroom, and Newt heard me get up and like a shot he was in the hallway, and as I walked by, he perked up and began walking in excited circles, obviously hoping that I was about to go let him outside so he could commence hunting. It was too early, though, so I just did my thing and went back to bed. When Fred got up an hour later, he let Newt and Maxi out like he usually does. When I got up, later, I opened my blinds to look out upon the day, and right outside my bedroom window, Newt was chewing on a dead bird. That’s an appetizing start to the morning. ********************** I looked out the window yesterday to see that Flappy McGee was roosting on the back of one of the chairs on the patio. I thought she looked pretty funny, so I went to the door to take her picture. She saw me coming, and since the chickens’ immediate reaction is that I MUST be bringing them food, she hopped down off the chair to run over to me. I got her in mid-hop. Looks like a bat, doesn’t she? ********************** I just adore that sweet little bright-eyed Rhian. She is SO FREAKIN’ CUTE. ::lick::lick::lick:: If Jesikat sharpens her claws, Deuce must run over and sharpen his, too. It’s the LAW. Snuggly Peyton. Deuce keeps an eye on me. Pretty Malley. ********************** Maxi makes herself at home. Previously 2006: With a squeak, she fell into the tub and just sat there for a moment with a look that very clearly said “Do you believe this shit?” 2005: No entry. 2004: No entry. 2003: So, Jackie, how’s the weather up there in Vancouver Washington? 2002: My life. So very exciting. 2001: Instead, when the question was posed to him, he looked at me as if I were perhaps mentally deficient. 2000: Have I mentioned that I love that man? 1999: And when you’re not good at something, unless you’re hugely delusional, you pretty much know that you’re not good at it. Even if you don’t know, there’s always someone more than willing to point it out to you.]]>