* * * Recently, Fred’s been working on making something for me. We’ve had a recliner next to a window in the front room since we moved in, and Spot loves to climb up on the back of it and look out the window when he’s not dozing. He’s an old man, though, and it’s kind of hard for him to get up there, and I’ve been wanting to move the recliners to the other side of the room, so I asked Fred to make something similar to the set of steps we have in the computer room, only with a lip around the top so I could put a bed in it. He got all the wood he thought he’d need, and then he pestered me with questions to make sure he was making what I wanted (and I had to say “I don’t care, just MAKE IT!”), and he worked on it, and yesterday when the coat of stain/ polyurethane was mostly dry, he brought it inside. Spot isn’t the slightest bit interested in it, but the other cats LOVE it. “Ah hets stairs. They’re too dern difficult to climb up! All that work. Luckily there’s a rest at the top. Also, ah hets Sugarbutt.” I’m most likely going to make a cat bed to go on the top, one that actually fits the top. **************************** The foster kittens are just not sure what they think of being allowed to roam around the house. Well, Punki likes it just fine – she’s quite the little social butterfly, that one. She likes to be in a room with humans, and basically followed Fred around yesterday. Elle and Felicia spent most of the day laying on the bed in the guest bedroom, and I have no idea where Skittles spent her time. Saturday evening when it was bedtime, we had our work cut out for us, capturing her. She was hiding under the couch and would run away from us when we tried to grab her. Eventually I was able to snatch her up and bring her upstairs, and we hung out with them in the room for a little while, but they were all a little freaked out, so we left them alone. I’m not sure how much Felicia, Skittles, and Elle care for being out of their room. At one point I went upstairs yesterday to refill their food bowl, and all three of them followed me in, then twined around my feet, purring. I shut the door and sat down, and they rubbed on me and purred some more, so I stayed in there until they started sniffing at the door. I’m sure they’ll adjust – they always do. I make a point of looking for them every once in a while and talking to/ petting them, which they seem to appreciate, if the purring and kneading is anything to go by. Pretty Felicia in the sun. All you have to do is speak to Elle, and she starts kneading. Skittles says “Hellew.” Peek-a-boo! Such a goofball. “Stop taking pictures of me and PET ME!” Skittles keeps an eye on her sisters. *************************** Disapproves of “This Kellerman fellow.”

* * *
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