Welcome to Holigoddamndailies. New month, new logo! This one was created by lovely reader Erin. I got enough December logos so that I’m going to switch them out every week, so every Saturday will showcase a brand-spankin’-new logo! Thanks, Erin!


Also, new divider. A while ago, Pacer said in her entry, bibbityskibbity, and then No, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just something I think to myself sometimes when I’m typing and I can’t figure out how to move on to the next thing I want to type about. I think it’s funny, so I stole it. The three asterisks just weren’t doing it for me anymore. I’ll probably keep it at least for the month. Maybe longer. We’ll see!


We thought for sure Mister Boogers was gone yesterday. He disappeared sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 – the first time he’s gone over the fence in quite some time – and no matter how much searching and calling I did, he was nowhere to be found. Right around dusk, Fred and I went out and walked around the back forty, yelling for him. No Booger. Then about half an hour later, Fred heard a banging noise at the back door, and when he went to investigate, Mister Boogers was there, dying to get inside. Bastard. We think we know how he’s getting over and how to stop him, but on the other hand, Fred decreed “You are never going outside again, fucko!”, so we’ll see about that.


Where Muh Daddy?! Starring Fricasee “Frick” And3rson “Muh Daddy, he are in the workshop. He are workin’. I wants my Daddy to come play with me. And feed me. And tell me I is pretty.” “Yet, hark! I hears muh Momma coming, and muh Momma most never comes out less’n she has for me the snack. And she tells me to stop pecking at her feet. But she loves me. And feeds me. I has me a dilemma. Wait for muh Daddy, or go check with muh Momma to see if it’s time for the snackin’?” “The foods, it always wins out. In fact, the mere possibility of food wins out over a visit with muh Daddy. Fly, I must!” “The decision, it was a poor one. For muh Momma has for me no snackin’. And muh Daddy has still not appeared from within the workshop. Woe!”


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