***************************** Yesterday, Felicia and Punki went back to the pet store. They’d had two and a half weeks of rest and relaxation (and racing like wild things through the house), so it was time for them to go back and be available for adoption. Skittles, who was laying in the middle of the room when I picked up Punki and Felicia and popped them into the carrier and left with them, has decided that I am The Devil and not to be trusted. She won’t even stay in the same room with me. I walk into the foster room, she runs down the hall and hides under the guest bed. I go into the guest bedroom to sweet-talk her, and she races down the hall and hides under the dresser in the foster room. This, after she had gotten up the nerve to come downstairs Monday night and do some exploring. She discovered one of the baskets of cat toys, and made herself at home. Now, she wants nothin’ to do with me. I wonder, once Elle goes to the pet store and Skittles is the only foster kitten around, if she’ll turn friendlier? Only time will tell. Punki was NOT pleased to be back at the pet store, and she wasn’t shy about letting me know. I’m covering for the Thursday morning person, and I’m hoping that one or both of them will have been adopted by then. I sure hope so – they’re such good kitties that anyone would fall in love with them. Felicia checks out the view. ***************************** I assure you that if Stinkerbelle saw those hussies all snuggled up with HER MAN, she would NOT be pleased!


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