Stinkerbelle Seethes. “I… what… Did she really just climb into the cat bed with me? Is she KIDDING ME? I HATE her!” “Is she… IS SHE TOUCHING ME?” “I’m not touching you.” ::seething with hatred:: “Stillllllll not touching you!” “Okay, I’m just going to turn around so that I don’t have to look at her stupid, pushy, wanting-to-touch-me face.” ::touch!:: ::seething:: “Did you just TOUCH me?” “Who, me?” “That’s not an answer. Did you TOUCH me?” “Do you think I touched you?” “DID. YOU. TOUCH. ME?” “Why do you ask?” ::seething:: “Please god, help me not to kill her. I know what they do to pretty blue-eyed silky-furred girls like me in kitty jail. People would be touching me all the live long day and I’d lose my mind.” (Punki) ::mock seething:: “Not touching you!”


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