new logo! This was created by talented reader Christine. The lightbulb over Mister Boogers’ head is cracking me UP. Thanks, Christine!!


I like the Girlz and they’re very entertaining to watch, but MY GOD I’m ready for them to be in their new chicken yard instead of dropping chicken poop all over my patio furniture (and the entire back yard). (pic) (pic) (pic) When one has to peck the ground for bugs and worms, one gets mud on one’s beak.(pic) Frick, up close. Such a pretty boy girl. (pic) Frick is dead certain that the eyes on my boots are food meant for her and her alone. She just can’t figure out how to eat it. (pic) This strikes me as very Sopranos-esque. (pic)


Previously 2006: So that’s the story of my search for the perfect bra, and how I found it. 2005: I probably have a brain tumor. 2004: I swear, my Grinchly heart grew three sizes right then and there. 2003: A tree with glass ornaments? In a house with five cats? 2002: No entry. 2001: No entry. 2000: I told Fred we should hire her out to the local police agencies and she could tell them when someone looks like a “drug person.” 1999: Fred and I came to an agreement last night. The end of March, I’m going off the birth control, and we’re going to start trying to get pregnant. (HahahahahahaHAHA! My, how times have changed!)]]>