a pale imitation of it.)


Speaking of Arrested Development, we’ve determined that the finest moment on all of television is when Michael and Maeby are singing Afternoon Delight at the holiday party, and he suddenly realizes what the song is about. That look on his face? If he didn’t get showered with awards for that moment alone, he was robbed. We were going to just behave ourselves and watch each episode of Arrested Development as it recorded on the DVR (there’s one episode a day being shown currently), but because there is just NOTHING else to watch, we went and got the first disc of Season 1 last night. I’m looking forward to actually seeing the genesis of Gob’s chicken dance.


Robyn – After racking my brain for awhile trying to remember which movie star you remind me of I FINALLY got it….Norma Shearer. Does anyone ever tell you that you resemble her ? Before she died, I mean. If you wore a lot of pancake makeup and photographed yourself in shadowy black-and-white, I think you’d see it. I had only the vaguest idea of who Norma Shearer was, so I went and looked at some pictures of her. No one’s ever told me I look like her, and I don’t see the resemblance myself, but I consider the comparison a compliments, so thanks!


Here’s a question for Friday. I was just reading the latest issue of Taste of the South magazine and saw an article about Falls Mill in Tennessee. Have you guys been there? Nope, we sure haven’t. We’ll have to put it on the list of places to check out!


I think That Ellie totally acts like she is part Bengal. Why do they not advertise the cats as the breeds they appear to be? It would make them so much more adoptable. I don’t know – I don’t have anything to do with how the cats are listed. I imagine the shelter manager would say that she can’t say for certain that Elle’s part Bengal, so she doesn’t.


Robyn, I give you full props for posting every day this month. I don’t know how you are doing it. It helps that I slack and do mostly picture entries on the weekends! But I don’t believe I’ll be doing this again next year, believe you me (and feel free to remind me that I said that if I show any interest in it!).


Robyn, I knew right away the card was from you! Very cute but can I admit I was very surprised you used Spot for the photo….. only because he is so raggedy, but he cleaned up nice for the photo! Spot is our oldest cat, and like Fred said, we needed to get him on a Christmas card because god knows how much longer he’ll be around!


Somewhere I read that Guam has some horrible snake to space ratio due to a lack of natural predators. I think maybe it was thousands and thousands per square mile. I also seem to remember something about power outages due to snakes climbing onto the power lines. Is this some sort of urban myth designed to keep people from ever ever ever visiting Guam, or is it actually true? If it’s true, I think that Illinois might be a little too close to the snaketopia of Guam for my comfort, and I might actually need to move. I did a search and found that apparently Guam has a big problem with brown tree snakes, ever since they were accidentally introduced to the island back in the ’40s. This page says that it’s estimated that there are about 20 snakes per acre, but that many people have lived on Guam for years without ever having seen one – they don’t apparently seek out humans to bite. There are power outages due to snakes climbing on them, though, you heard that right. I was pretty young when I lived on Guam, and I don’t remember any issues with snakes at all. I do, however, remember seeing many many geckos and trying to dig gecko eggs out of small spaces with the intent of hatching and raising baby geckos. I think you’re safe in Illinois, though. I don’t think brown tree snakes care much for the cold. If there’s a swarm of them headed your way, someone will probably let you know! I’d love to go back to Guam to visit one day and see if it’s as beautiful as I remember.


I was wondering if the cat lady extraordinaire has any advice for a cat with a cold. She seems pretty miserable, breathing with her mouth open and not her usual bouncy self. A little sneezing. The trouble is I don’t have a place and facilities to isolate her from the others. Any suggestions? thanks! It sounds like your cat’s cold has progressed to an upper respiratory infection and she probably needs antibiotics. I’d get her to a vet, because I don’t believe there’s anything you can do at home to make her feel better.


(flickr) (flickr) Now I know what’s been making holes in the fabric of the finch feeders! Goddamn squirrels. (flickr)


Bath time for Punki, the fartingest cat in existence. (flickr)


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