here’s an interesting way to help donate free rice. I like to think my vocabulary skillz are OFF DA HOOK, but I have discovered that I am so, so wrong. I’m far stupider than I ever thought possible – though I do surprise myself from time to time. I didn’t really know that excursus = digression, but when I don’t know a word and I guess, I somehow get it right about 75% of the time. And I’m not talking about educated guesses, I’m talking about “I have never heard that word before in my entire life. What the fuck could it possibly mean?” Don’t get addicted (I already am)! (Thanks to reader Leslie for sending the link along to me!)


Thanks, you guys, for your warming suggestions the other day. It was someone’s suggestion of a warming throw that set off a light bulb in my head, and I recalled that last year (or possibly the year before) I actually bought a twin-size electric blanket to keep on the couch because I was so damn cold all the time. When I went upstairs to find it and bring it downstairs, I found that Fred had put it on his bed rather than the king-size electric blanket he was supposed to use, so I shrugged and brought the king-size one downstairs, folded it in half, plugged it in, snuggled under it, and I was warmwarmwarm. Last night while we were watching TV, Fred stole half my blanket, so we were both nice and warm. We had actually discussed the idea of putting a brick in the fireplace then wrapping it in a towel, but never got around to the implementation of the idea. I like the hot water bottle and cheap hot water bottle (2-liter bottle, filled with hot tap water) suggestions, too. Y’all rock! And thanks, also, for your cat water fountain suggestions. I’m going to wait a little while to actually purchase one because although I was going to get one at the pet store this morning after my scoop-and-feed session (the regular Wednesday morning volunteer switched with me this week), I realized that I have a 9:00 hair appointment, and the pet store doesn’t actually open for business ’til 9:00, and I don’t want to have to drive alllll the way back after my appointment, so I’ll wait and buy it next Monday.


Since it’s getting late and I need to scoot out of here, how ’bout some links to check out, some pictures to admire, and a promise to see you tomorrow? Works for me!


Lovelle Svart shared through online videos the struggle and choices of her final months and her decision to die with dignity. The Tapeworm Diet (I got the link from Big Fat Deal). I looked at the site (just out of morbid curiosity, I assure you), but when I ran across the sentence “I have the cyst, what now?”, I was pretty sure if I read any more I’d start to dry heave, so I bookmarked it to share with y’all and then surfed in another direction. Because that is FUCKING NASTY, Y’ALL. These Kindle Candles were quite handy over the weekend. We didn’t buy them – the previous owners left them behind for us – but when we’re out, I think we’ll probably be buying some more. Nabakov wanted his last work destroyed. His son seems to be waffling about it. Should he destroy it or share it with the world? Personally, I think his wishes should be honored and it should have been destroyed long before now. I say that as someone who’s NOT a Nabakov fan, but even if we were talking about someone whose work I really enjoy (helLEW Stephen King!), I’d say honor the final wishes. On the other hand, Nabakov’s dead, so what does he care? You know you can go to The Animal Rescue Site and click on the “Click here to give!” box, and sponsors pay for food and care of rescued animals, right? Come on, it only takes a second! I think this is so neat – these nap pads (for dogs and cats) are filled with recycled soda bottles. I got one (an extra-small) for the cats when I was in Maine, and they love it. Newt sleeps there most nights. I linked to the Silver Jewelry Club before, but I’m linking again. Such a neat site – you get jewelry for only the cost of shipping, and so far as I can tell, they’re good quality pieces (I have several sets of earrings and a few rings, but I also don’t wear jewelry all that often). Depending on how bored I am, I visit the site either a couple of times a day, or many times a day. The best blog you’re not reading. I “discovered” it through my referral stats over the weekend and am slowly working my way through the archives.


Fun with kittehs and the feather toy! So close! “This displeases me.” Believe it or not, I’m walking on air! I never thought I could feel so free-hee-hee! Flying away on a wing and a prayer! Who could it be? Believe it or not it’s just Toms! I love this picture not so much because of the position I caught Skittles in, but because of the face. Here’s a closeup: Crack me UP. Pretty, pretty befanged ballerina.


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