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I should have mentioned, perhaps, when I was posting pictures of my skeery crazy zombie eye that it doesn’t hurt at all. Both my eyes hurt Saturday, just an achy, strained feeling, but since then I’ve been feeling just fine. I’ll occasionally forget about the zombie eye and then get all surprised when I look in the mirror. Also, sometimes when I take my contacts out at night, I think “Wouldn’t it just suck if I popped my contact out of my crazy zombie eye and my cornea popped off with it?!” That would totally suck, dudes.


I adore the holy hell out of this site.


Did I mention that after we got home from turning the dog over to Meg (that’s the name of the vet tech who took him), I spent an hour or so cleaning? The bathroom, especially, because it smelled like dog (since that’s where he was eating and sleeping). I actually had to get down on my hands and knees with a scrub brush and hot water with a little bleach added, and scrub the floors to get the stains (from dog food and one unfortunate accident) out of the grout. It still smelled a little like dog, but in the days since, the smell has dissipated. I didn’t realize Spot was the one doing it, but for weeks there have been cat foot prints leading from the upstairs bathroom, down the hallway, and down the stairs. I’d clean them up, they’d reappear when I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t know why I didn’t know Spot was the one doing it, because I did know that he would practically swim in the water bowl when he was drinking from it, but somehow the light bulb didn’t go on over my head. No more kitty footprints from the bathroom to the bottom of the stairs, and I’m a little sad about that.


Not a whole lot going on, so… how about some pictures? Time to clear off the memory stick! Couple of weekends ago, a great huge flock of black birds landed in the back forty and pecked at the ground and squabbled with each other and pecked at the ground some more, and then flew off. I don’t know if they were grackles or some other kind of bird, but what I do know is that they were LOUD. The cats adore hanging out on the wall between the dining room and computer room – and the dining room and kitchen. I’m forever washing dirty cat prints off, only to have them dirtied up later that same day. I love the way Newt will sleep just about anywhere, secure in the knowledge that no one will hurt him, considering that it took us a long time to get him to trust us. I love the way, when he’s outside and sees me walking toward the house, he runs at me, skids to a stop and flops over on his back. I love his high-pitched, girly meow. He’s just the sweetest cat on earth. Note how close to Stinkerbelle Skittles is laying. Note that Stinkerbelle is NOT having a hissy fit. Will wonders never cease? Skittles is the only cat who can balance on the footboard like that. The other cats go sliding off. “Hellooooooo little ladies!” Couple of weeks ago, it snowed. The girlz were not impressed. I swear to you that that litter box was brand new and had never been used AND it had no litter in it at the time. I just hadn’t gotten around to putting it in the laundry room yet – it replaced the Litter Robot, which is sitting in the garage and STILL waiting for me to email the company and complain about the broken globe. Mister Boogers and Stinkerbelle cuddling (!). Stinkerbelle gets tired of the camera action, and moves across the bed, next to Skittles. Though this picture doesn’t show it, there was some licking action going on there. Mister Boogers, Elleh-Belleh, and Spanky keep sleeping. More sniffing. More licking. Skittles looks annoyed. Stinkerbelle decides that if she’s going to be licking anyone, it should be her own self, and proceeds to bathe vigorously. Skittles gets annoyed and stomps off.


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